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Used 1994 Ford Tempo Sedan Consumer Reviews

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2.13 out of 5 stars

Wanting to trade it

Medic, 09/07/2008
1994 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
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I got it from my parents who got it off my grandparents, in my opinion a great little grandma/grandpa car where you don't drive it a ton. Things I fixed in the last two years: tie rods, struts, brakes, valve cover gasket, fuel pump (long story there) headlight switch, oil pan leaks, head gasket leaks. In all honesty it was an ok car (it drove the Alaska highway round trip and spent a few years up there) it did leave me stranded multiple times before anyone figured out it was the fuel pump, which shook my confidence in it, lots of little things on the blink, the headlight switch keeps leaving all the lights on even after replacing it. 144k mi, time for a trade and a little Peace of mind.

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3.38 out of 5 stars

Tempo -rary

originalowner, 10/19/2003
1994 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
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Over 100k, this has been a fairly reliable, american car. My list: partial tranny $700 80K brakes 40,90 window lifters 6 of them (that sucked) tie rod, susp $400 70 starter $125 100 radiator pending a/c small fix thing Anyone who rips the Tempo probably is expecting too much from life. Anyone who praises the Tempo too much is delusional. I agree with the review that called this a good cheap car. Good for your High School kid to ruin.

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5 out of 5 stars

Tempo is a tough little car

skoniecz40, 04/03/2002
1994 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
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Many people often overlook these fine little cars that Ford built during the last two decades. They really are decent cars, my Tempo is a work-horse, and extremely reliable. It's a fun little car to drive. Granted they weren't built perfect, but they are still nice.

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1.63 out of 5 stars

Never Touch THIS car!

ACE, 04/24/2002
1994 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
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I bought my ford tempo one year old, and before 50000 miles the transmission needed to be replaced. so i spent 500 dollars right there. thinking bad luck. oh boy was i wrong. then all of a sudden it got this noise in the engine that sounded like a coke can stuck in the belt. so i brought it to the shop and they fixed it, but then it came back louder not even 1 month later. come to find out it was yet again the transmission. then i tried to trade it off to a dealer... they said that it by itself would not be a good enough down payment for a decent car, and that i would need atleast 2 grand more to put with it to make a nomal down payment.

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Not Bad

KK, 11/12/2008
1994 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
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I am now on my second Tempo. My first one was a 1992 which I found to be a better car and it did not have those annoying automatic seatbelts. I bought this car in 2005 with only 23K miles on it (it now has 78K) but it did have some "issues" I have replaced the starter, fuel pump, distributor, wiring, some kinda thing in the front end that holds the motor in, brakes, and likely other stuff I have forgotten. Still all in all it's fairly cheap transportation, it starts good and is quite comfortable to drive. I've done Califoria to Canada in it 6 times. It does tend to have an overheating problem and I'm not sure why but I still like the car and enjoy driving it. Would I get Tempo #3, not likely.

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