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Awesome Engine..Crappy Brakes Tranny

P. Fitzgerald, 05/07/2003
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Initially we were very pleased with the truck. Our first problem occured a couple of weeks after taking it home. The transmission valve body went out. Dodge replaced it under warranty no sweat. The brake rotors, calipers and front hubs were next. All needed to be replaced due to excessive wear because the r/f caliper would bind (a common ailment with "floating" calipers). The truck's saving grace is the 5.9L Cummins Diesel. Yes it is loud, but it will pull anything, anywhere, anytime. If I had it to do over again, I would buy the 5 speed.

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Transmission trouble

Walnut Willie, 10/11/2002
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This has been a reliable vehicle except for one problem which was fixed by a recall, & that was that Dodge had teflon fittings on the automatic transmission oil lines and once when hot they got soft and blew off losing all the transmission fluid and leaving me stranded 20 miles from nowhere. I fought with dodge over this poor design and eventually they had a recall and put on steel fittings. Also the paint is all peeling off now and I am going to have it repainted. Otherwise I love this truck and plan to keep it another 10 years. I have the 5.9 engine.

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230,000 and still going

jenalynn, 05/06/2008
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I bought my Dodge when it had 215,000 miles on it. I picked it up cheap and had to fix a problem with the headlights. After that, I have had minimal problems with her. I've fixed a pulley and the clear coat has come off in big patches, but I love my truck. It sits up high and is comfortable for a woman to drive, as well as my 6'3" boyfriend. I plan on driving this pickup to the 300,000 mark. Despite the warnings, there has never been a tranny problem in this truck.

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1994 Ram V10 Auto. Trans.

ldunlap, 03/18/2002
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This truck has performed well over 8 years. I pull a 10000 lb trailer and haved pulled mostly in overdrive with no problems.

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Can you spell "lemon"

chirpy, 08/01/2009
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Truck owned since new, so many problems and recalls, who can keep count. Always in the shop, totally unreliable. Noisy, stinky and rough suspension. Wish we had never bought it. Three transmissions, ignition, brakes, injection pump, starter, steering components, water pump, you name it. So much money spent can never recover.

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