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It's a good thing that Dodges don't hold their value!

jwestie85, 09/02/2012
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Seriously... it's a fact. Dodge's DO NOT hold their value compared to, say an F150 or a Sierra, or a Silverado. BUT... This is a good thing because that means you and I can get our hands on a really good, really appealing truck for $1000s less! I've had 3 Dodge's so far, one with a 3.7 V6, one with a 4.7 V8, and one with the 5.7 HEMI V8 (Awesome engine!), and i wished i'd kept all three. Unfortunately i suffer from, "Gotta' have the next thing-itis" and i think it's terminal. All 3 trucks were great, the V6 was really underpowered, the 4.7 was normal, but the HEMI was incredible. Got rid of the HEMI a few months ago and it had 238,000 miles and ran like it had 50k, no lie. I LOVE EM.

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Ram Tough

Fred G Wilson, 02/25/2015
4dr Quad Cab SLT Rwd SB (4.7L 8cyl 5M)
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Trucks are not just for guys. We girls drive them too. I bought my Ram used with 53,000mi and have over 183.000 on it and still going. As a nurse I depend on my Ram in bad weather to get me to and from work because we don't get snow days. As a horse owner I trust my Ram to pull my horses safely to where ever I am going. Compared to my parents Sierra, I don't even know I have a horse trailer behind me with the Ram. With the Sierra it moans and groans. On the farm I use it to haul seed during planting season, firewood when cutting up trees and whatever else comes along. With wear and tear I have had to replace things. But when I buy again it will be a RAM!!!

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1.5 yrs still love it QC 5.7 SLT 4x4

Wayne, 07/07/2010
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Pros: -Great Engine! owned a 94 ram 5.2L, after this the 5.7L was incredible. After 2 yrs of driving and hauling more than I should the engine never even breaks a sweat. A 3/4 engine in a 1/2 ton. Tow/Haul mode is a + -Interior front has plenty of storage and works as it should, back seats have plenty of leg room and the fold out flat cargo "platforms" under the flip up seats are genius. -The quad cab deserves it's own comment because although it's not a true crew cab I'll never go back to not having 4 fully opening doors. Personally, I wouldn't want anything with bigger rear doors. Con: -The rear suspension is lacking when paired with the 5.7L (I upgraded with air) -No rear limited slip.

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It may be 12 years old but I love the truck.

Brett, 09/05/2016
4dr Quad Cab SLT Rwd LB (4.7L 8cyl 5M)
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I have a every expanding mowing business that I do on the side and was looking for an inexpensive pickup. I found this Arizona owned truck with two wheel drive and it was priced to sell by private seller so I grabbed it up. The truck has the 4.7 V8 that does pretty well pulling around my enclosed mowing trailer with equipment in it. It does great around town mowing 40 yards a week. I get about 11mpg pulling the trailer in stop and start non stop while mowing. My only gripe is I wish it had the Hemi in it. I think it would pull the trailer better at highway speeds. It does pull it down the highway ok but I just feel like it could use the extra HP. If it is a windy day I feel like I am giving it some throttle to keep it at 60. Overall the truck for being 12 years old has minimal issues 125,000 miles. AC works great very comfortable interior. Only issue is the CD player stopped working but did not break my heart as my new laptop does not even have a CD accessory anymore to make CD's. I am impressed with how the door handles hold up on the truck. Which may sound stupid but other work vehicles I have used to mow door handles were always falling apart. For a work truck, I am honestly scared to upgrade because this thing has been so good to me. I rated the MPG low but I use this nearly all of the time pulling a trailer so hard to judge.

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Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7 Magnum SLT 4wD

Greg Lee, 02/24/2010
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This is an excellent truck. It is everything a truck should be; it's fast, looks great, and is better on gas than some believe. I'm getting at least 18 miles to the gallon. As you may know, the Hemi kicks in after 35mph,saving in some gas, not a lot, but savings is savings. Older model but it is a great vehicle. Great truck!

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