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By stlramsfan


1992 Dodge RAM 150 LE 2dr Regular Cab LB


Well, about the time I was 16 I ended up with this truck after the block cracked in my first car, little did I know that this truck I bought for 700 dollars would be one of my most missed trucks. The truck had 300,000 miles on it and I was worried about the transmission slipping, and the engine burning oil. I was wrong, the transmission shifted cleaner than my moms brand new car, and the engine didn't burn a drop of oil. I had the 318, I didn't believe my dad when he told me that dodge had a famous transmission "Which is the Tourqeflite" he also told me the 318 was one of the best engines ever made back then. I will never disagree with anyone if they tell me that.

Best Features

Well for one the gas mileage. You don't expect a truck from 91 with a v8 to pull 15 in town and around 19 on the highway, but this truck did just that. This truck was also abused, It was first used as a farm truck, the old man had owned it. its whole life, he told me it spent at least a whole 100,000 miles working on his farm, and then he hauled off scrap metal, and towed his boat with it. It had high gears I'd guess 3.83 so acceleration was a little slow, but it will haul anything, and that's no stretch, I pulled friends full sized trucks out of mud holes with it, and also hauled a full size truck on a trailer with it.

Worst Features

Well, there would be very little to improve on. The slightly slow acceleration was expected with the gears put in it that were made to tow. The person I sold this truck to still drives it around, it has 340,000 miles on it, hasn't had to replace anything other than a injector, not bad only one replacement. The old man said the oil was changed every 3,000 miles, and I'd say if you change your transmission fluid every now and then, and keep the oil changed anyone should be able to pull 300,000 miles and beyond with this truck.

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