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I love this car!

spooledup, 03/19/2015
SRT-4 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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I can't get enough of this car. I've owned it for a little over 6 years and now have over 170,000 miles. It still runs smooth as it did with 65,000 miles and I've never had an issue with the car other than regular maintenance. I've changed the timing belt, water pump, clutch/fork, spark plugs, oil, and cam shaft sensor twice, battery and tires. That's it! All those things would need to be changed on any car so I would say this car is extremely reliable. It's never once left me stranded, and I don't drive like a grandma either. Speaking of which, the performance of this car is amazing. My car is still stock and I've beat everything from ls1 camaros, to evo's and sti's.

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It just so happens..

JeepBoy, 09/30/2004
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When a sports car enthusiast spends $40K on any performance car, then additional $10K on tuning, functionality and looks, he does not want to be overtaken while accelerating on a highway onramp. But this is exactly what happens when that "sports car" is lined up with this SRT-4. I will put this car against any $40K+ ride any day, and rest easy knowing that I paid more than 50% less for showing him what my rear looks like. Why? SRT-4 told me to do it. No really - car wants to be driven fast fast fast. I Tried to explain that to the authorities too.

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Hate to say it.

Carlos, 05/30/2006
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I have seen nothing but good reviews and thats why I bought this car. I have put 7k on it. Turbo leaks are infamous. The tranny is a headache also. Many many people report tranny issues and I'm one of them. This car is a blast to drive but I feel like its going to fall apart anyday now. It has a stubborn transmission and shifts like crap especially in the cold. Maybe I got unlucky.

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Has served me well for 67k miles

powerllama, 10/16/2013
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I bought this car new in 2004. I've driven it ever since. I don't put as much mileage on cars as do other people, but 9 years and 67k miles can do a lot. The car is incredibly roomy on the inside, and easily fits four. Though it's not great for road-trips, as it doesn't have cruise control. But boy is it quick. It doesn't handle corners well, and has a giant turning radius, but in a straight line it's hard to beat for the price. Other than that, it's just a normal car. Nothing too special about it.

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Wish it was a two door but...

wreckless, 08/21/2003
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This car is more fun than a barrel of monkey's. The only problem is all the kods want to race you. The car's handling is above average bur sprung softer than my previous ACR Neons. The quality of construction is much, much improved. Fit and finish is excellent. Huge spoiler takes some getting used to as it blocks rear view. The major plus is that wonderful engine. Wow! Oh, the seats are tight so if you are larger than you should in girth save yorself the trouble and order the R/T seats with the side airbags.

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