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The Little Car That Could

Hyper, 06/11/2009
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Bought this car used in 2002 after it had been a rental. During the next seven years and 70,000 miles, I replaced oil, a battery, and the relay for the radiator fan. I had a trailer hitch on this car and pulled a U-Haul trailer back and forth across the country several times. In the end, the car was rear-ended by a large GMC pickup that was too high up to hit the bumper, but even then the trunk crumpled like it was supposed to, saving me from injury. My Neon was totaled in this accident just last week, but this was and will probably remain my favorite of the dozen cars I've owned in my 42 years.

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The original leather seat Neon.

clonehawk, 04/13/2006
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I can't understand why the Focus ever beat this car in Consumer Reports given the high number of recalls the Focus has had. Replaced the factory tires, battery and have had the half of the factory speakers quit working. Other than that it has been trouble free. Dodge seems to have figured out how to make a reliable inexpensive car.

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Great car!

Kandie, 07/30/2010
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I bought this car used in 2002 with 36,000 miles, it now has 128,000 I just put on new ties, new battery, timing belt & water pump, because of the high miles (The old one looked perfect when they replaced them) I'm giving the car to my parents. They could of done a better job with the paint. Either way, a great running car! I wished they still made them!

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Brilliant for a first or second car.

dodgeneon1, 03/10/2013
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I just came upon a free 2001 Plymouth Neon. The only problem I had from it, was because the original owners let it sit, because it had a mold issue. from sitting the battery went bad, and the right rear brake seized. Other than that it is a great car. It starts right up, and stands up to performance standards, and is very good on gas. Its a very reliable car, besides its bad reputation. It has 120,000 miles, and it runs strong. Very good car, and would recommend it to anyone.

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Great Value

The Shamus, 04/10/2007
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Neons generally have a bad reputation. My 2001 was purchased new, and I have replaces two tie-rod ends and a fuel pump switch. I had a bad battery replaced under warranty. The interior is roomy for my large 6 foot 2 frame and the seats are more comfortable than anything else I drove in this range. I have 100K miles on this car, and it still responds well. The front disc brakes and exhaust are all still factory original. It does not handle deep snow well. I've come back to a dead battery a few times for an unknown reason. The radio is upgraded and works well. Infinitely more comfortable and spacious for the passengers than my wife's Corolla.

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