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Randy W, 03/28/2015
Sport Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 4A)
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I bought this in 2008 from a dealer with 110K on it, its now 2015 and has 240K NO real issues. i am a satellite contractor and work out of this van. ladders, rough terrain. lots of equipment in it. I have driven this several times cross country. OK to NY back to OK, (26mpg) moved from OK to AZ towing a trailer, moved from AZ to NY towing a trailer, moved back to AZ..yes towing trailer, and since moved back to NY this was awesome in snow thi past winter, and the 03 sport is the ONLY model w/o traction control. i have hauled HE washer dryer, fridge, gravel in it

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Best car ever.

andreamoo, 12/14/2011
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I did not want to buy a minivan. But in 2004 I bought a 2003 with 11K on it for $11K. This car has been fantastic. It took us through the western states camping. It moved us from one house to another. It has hauled carpool kids, craigslist finds, saddles, hay, dogs, beds and building materials. It averaged 29 mpg when we first got it on the highway, it now gets a solid 21 city/hiway. It broke down once in its 150K miles-the main computer glitched. That was not a pretty $500 but nothing since except standard maintenance. Even though it is no longer shiny and new, our current crop of carpool kids still like it best. I walk by it and pat it sometimes like a good pony.

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Want another one. Most Dependable

joan couch, 11/01/2015
EX Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.8L 6cyl 4A)
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Nice van

VanMan, 06/06/2010
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I bought this preowned/certified van from a dealership(in 2007). The van had 49,000 miles on it, The van has been very dependable (so far) with little maintenance. One problem occurred last year with the steering. A constant "whining" noise which was louder during the colder months. Went to a Dodge van "online discussion" and they advised to change the steering fluid reservoir. (it clogs after a while) Did that and NO MORE whining noise. When this one has reached the end of it's life I plan on getting another one!

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Compressor failed 3 yrs into purchase

curious07, 07/11/2010
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This is my second Caravan. I love it. Very convenient for the kids to get in and out of. My first Caravan the head gasket blew a year into purchase. The current one, the a/c compressor went three years into purchase and the gas pedal sticks. If I could afford it, I would look into the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey.

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Good but bad

loverofcars, 05/16/2010
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This car has not been very reliable. Sometimes in the cold winter the car will not get into gear. You have to put it into neutral and the engine picks up again. The quality features of our car is that we have automatic trunk and one automatic door. The design of the car both interior and exterior are pretty well designed.Last thing is that the seats don't fold down you have to pull them out of the car.

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Too many things going wrong

peechka, 01/04/2011
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134,000 kms. I have had the power steering whine and the first ps flush lasted about 18 months. Just had second ps flush done. Several parts in front end have been replaced -- making noise but not affecting handling. Just replaced leaking rad & original battery. Tranny now appears to be having a shift problem at low speeds forward & reverse -- when maneuvering into/out of parking spot. If this problem is big $$$ the van is going to wreckers. This was my first brand new vehicle -- "Made in Canada" matters but I doubt I will buy another Chrysler product (had numerous tranny probs with a hand me down '96 Intrepid

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My Grand Caravan

Handyman, 02/11/2010
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I bought my 2003 Sport Grand Caravan from an auto dealer on winter of 2006 with 139000km on it. Before I took it off from the dealer I put a new battery since it's winter. After 3 years, I have now 189500km in my odometer. In this period the only parts I've changed are the brake pads, the rotor disc, 1 headlamp bulb, wiper blades and a set of spark plugs. I could feel shudder in 1st & 2nd gear but not frequent. The signal light handle does not turn back. Though I don't consider this as a great minivan, but if you're a careful owner this car can last.

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Best Caravan Yet

Happy Caravan, 05/12/2005
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This is my third Dodge Caravan ('88, '93, '03) and I have been VERY please so far. I have my latest Caravan for 2.5 years and have zero mechanical problems. The ONLY issue that I have had with this vehicle is that the assemply plant missed the welds that join the roof sheet metal to the posts behind the front door (both sides). The body shop manager at the dealer said that he had NEVER seen that before, so hopefully, it was an isolated incident. Dealer fixed it for free and it has not been an issue.

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Bob's review

Bob C, 05/05/2006
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Overall vehicle has had a good performance history. Only had one issue/problem that the dealership was never able to identify and thus fix. Problem would occur when the vehicle was intially started, engine would shake and then correct itself after a minute or two. Since the check engine light never went on the dealer would never perform any other diagnostic analysis. This problem does not happen all the time on;y on rare occassions.

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