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Still going at 257000+ miles

ken_86gt, 02/01/2012
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I bought this van used at ~93k miles. This van has been incredibly reliable. Normal maintenance items ONLY- oil, filters, tires, brakes, plugs, belts, battery. Still on original hoses. I have only replaced the starter and alternator once, I consider this normal. It is starting to use a little oil, have a transmission leak that is significant, and uses coolant frequently. I just keep them topped of at this point. I will be looking for another Caravan soon! I have friends with Honda and Toyota minivans that required much more maintenance and repairs than mine! I keep thinking that this will be the last set of tires I buy- and then 50K later it is time again...

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Still goin!

autoitking, 12/25/2010
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My family has had this car for 10 years now, and it's still going strong. Original engine and transmission are rock solid and perform well. Only problems we ever had was a leaky radiator hose, a bad spark plug wire, and a bad idler. Once the idler and spark plug wires were replaced, it ran like new again! The power steering is very powerful and has a lot of boost. Very easy to steer, and handles well considering its size. The leaf springs in the rear make loading over a ton no problem, and the engine can haul it adequately. We fit all of my college stuff in there with room for three adults left. And the engine made it 350 miles to my dorm and back. Also a few very long trips (over 600 miles)

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Grand Caravan

Whachaknow, 09/28/2010
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We bought the Grand Caravan when we had three teenage children. Outside the obligatory Chrysler minivan transmission problems and an early replacement of front struts and steering pump, which were covered by the extended warranty, it has been a very reliable performer. The mileage is poor, as expected. But, we have driven it coast to almost coast (Washington, DC to Arizona), up and down mountains, and across deserts, and it has proven to be reliable and thoroughly comfortable. Now that we are almost empty-nested, we will eventually replace it with something smaller and more fuel efficient, but it has been a great family vehicle for all these years.

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Not a good buy

melliann, 07/30/2010
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We have had nothing but issues since we got it, going through brake pads like crazy, had to replace the transmission twice, and be careful how far away you are from other drivers because the brakes are really squishy, so bad that it caused me to get into a fender bender and now hubby thinks it is totaled! Oh joy - NOT!

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130,000 Grand Caravan

ftn, 05/05/2006
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Have put nearly 130,000 miles on our Grand Caravan ES AWD with only routine maintenance. The vehicle has been great - very reliable - big enough to carry everything we need. Gas mileage could be better but overall we've been VERY pleased.

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2000 Dodge Grand Caravan goes the extra mile!

Chuck Nemec, 06/13/2018
LE 4dr Minivan AWD
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Change oil frequently, keep good tires on it, it's important to keep van looking good by washing it regularly. Plan on new brakes about every four years, battery every five, wipers every year. I've had my van for eighteen years and never let me down: no flats, great cargo space, great towing capacity, and better than average gas mileage. All-in-all a good car for so many years!

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170,000 miles and still going!

cprevbhayes, 07/02/2011
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Bought used in 2003 with 35k. Now has 170,000 and still running strong. Did have to replace shift solenoid in tranny at about 100k, but that was only a $300 repair. Motor is still strong and doesn't use any oil. Transmission will use a little fluid occasionally. Only complaint (if you can complain about something that is 11 years old) is that the paint on the hood is fading out. Still drives great. A/C compressor is currently out and weighing whether or not it is worth the $1000 price tag to have that fixed. All in all, it has been a great vehicle. Not that exciting to drive, but great for the family. Hey, it's a minivan after all!

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Gem of a Car

Aloysis, 09/09/2010
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Bought this to haul bikes inside. Excellent room.Remove center seats and push third row forward.loads of room. stylish design not boxy like the new ones. First year: New Windshield (Scratch) Steering Column, (Squeak). Tremendous Pickup even 11 years later. Current mileage is 63.000.

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Dodge Caravan Transmissions Go out at 60k

lanrivers, 06/26/2011
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This Van is a curse. I have owned over 5 for fleet and all transmissions average around 60,000 and thats it. Expensive to replace AND many times the rebuild only lasts a week. One had to be rebuilt 3 times. Too expensive. Why Dodge doesn't correct this problem? The mechanic told me they could if they put the correct hardened components in but they don't want to because it helps there service Dept. create revenue that they would not have if it was too dependable. Big Scam. Avoid this van unless you have very deep pockets. Cost me 10's of thousands over 10 years. Keep away.

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It's Good but Thirsty

thosdd, 06/17/2002
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This is a fine piece of work. The only complaint is the LOUSY mpg. I getting 16 to 17 mpg. This is not what the spec. sheet said. Other than that this van is very comfortable.

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