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2000 Dodge Durango

62hilger, 04/04/2013
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I purchased a Durango with 4.7 V8 overhead valve motor. This motor has plenty of get and go. It will squeal the tires without hesitation. The motor needs proper oil changes and I would recommend high quality motor oil. The bad side of this vehicle is you will average 12 MPG and it took quite a while to heat up. Get an auto start for it. I keep record of my fills and I mostly drove rural roads. My vehicle had rear air which was nice. If MPG is not an issue I would recommend the vehicle.

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I thought i would hate it but i love it

evolanceroz, 07/31/2011
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When my BMW broke down i had to get a new vehicle. I work for a VW dealership and a customer traded this durango in. This truck was immaculant for the miles. I was used to 30 mpg but always in a small car. This SUV is comfortable and very fun to drive. I have heard and saw all the horror stories about this truck. I will not be getting rid of this vehicle at all!!!

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Overall, has been good to me

Jared, 11/25/2010
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I bought this thinking the gas mileage wouldn't be too bad with a 4.7 v8, boy was I wrong. My biggest complaint is the gas mileage and visibility. There is no reason a car with only a 4.7 should be getting this bad of gas mileage not to mention no nuts either! You'll be pushing 3500 rpm to pass on a hill. And the visibility being bad is because of the large sized window towers. But the 4x4 is awesome. It is impossible to get this thing stuck, its been deep in the snow and sand and has owned both like no problem. It handles curves very well with a tighter suspension, but does only 'okay' in snow and ice, it tends to slip a lot because of how high the rpms run.

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I must have the exception...

wilddaisy, 11/21/2012
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I bought my Durango brand new in 2000. LOVED it for the most part. Routine oil changes and maintenance, ran great. After 100k miles, replaced water pump, heater core, radiator, transmission, fuel pump, catalytic converter, and multiple sensors. In 2008 found out it had major issues with wires corroding in wiring harness (reason for blowing sensors). Spent $2500 for temp fix (permanent fix $5000 plus labor) Chrysler told me this was common in the Durango but not enough for a recall. Just changed the alternator this week and still have lots of computer issues. It only has 157k miles on it now....Am beginning to despise it. Think it's time to let it die and get something new I'm afraid

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Been a Good Truck

Craig, 05/17/2009
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Bought my Durango new and have put 118,000 miles on it. I tow a bass boat, drive across dove fields, take trips and drove it to work. One constant problem is the front rotors are good for 16 months and 21,000 miles. Then they have to be replaced. Looking for a rotor solution. The truck otherwise has performed well. My wife and I enjoy driving it on a trip as the ride is comfortable, solid, quiet and I can pass anybody any time. I don't get those who complain about the gas mileage ? All Fords, Chevy's etc get 14 mpg or less. I get 14 mpg in town and 21 mpg on the road. I plan to drive it till the wheels fall off

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