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good to buy American

Gene Hernandez, 08/04/2003
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My truck is actually a 1998. Since I have the truck for a while I thought my review can give those interested a long term view of this vehicle. It is very reliable, very quiet, has good power total average mpg is 17.0. The 4x4 is great for camping and fishing trips. Wish it had a 3rd door in 1998 besides that I love this truck. Almost bought a toyota but I am glad I bought Dodge, would do it again in a heart beat.

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Fast Truck

OneCoolGi, 09/14/2010
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Put on many good miles on this truck with next to zero problems. The worst problem I have had was a radiator leak. Engine and trans are solid. This truck is fast and handles great. It can take a corner at 55mph. I moved from San Diego to NJ towing 3k lbs, averaged 80 mph and the truck felt like there was nothing there. It took on mountains like flat terrain. Great truck!

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Friday afternoon off the assembly line

Ken, 12/06/2008
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Nice truck, but at 31k the tranny would lock in 2nd gear (they called it limp mode) any time it went through a large puddle. Replaced 2 sensors several times to no avail. Dealer stopped covering the replacements after the third event. They contacted Dodge in 2007 and told if the sensors lose sight of the ground, they do this to avoid an overspeed. Told them to bypass the sensors all together, seemed to work. However, in 6 years it went through 2 wiper motors, 2 blower relays, the tail gate failed twice, seat broke once and it leaked (they tried to fix that twice). Guess it was the Friday pm one. Anyway, traded it in the day I got the title. Have a Tacoma now.

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4x4 3.9 Dodge Dakota, What a Joke

chris, 05/26/2006
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By far the worst pickup truck I've ever owned up to this date. From the second I drove it off the lot there was nothing but problems with my 2003 Dodge Dakota. The list is unfortunatly too long to list everything. Let's just say that now I'm having problems with my airbag! Like I said, everything wrong with it. This is a poor excuse for a 4x4. Absolutely no power to the tiny 3.9 lawnmower engine it has. Transmission makes the engine race and yet never pulls into gear. And let's not forget that when driving it constantly feels like you're dragging an anchor.

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nice truck

BILL, 10/26/2009
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This is a nice truck, inside and out. On rough rodes the front end tends to bounce in one direction. I have the V-6 in my truck and it seems to be under powered. The ride is nice.

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