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My experience better than most reviews

joseph humphrey, 12/01/2015
LXi 4dr Ext Minivan
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I bought this used for cash when I needed something to transport my elderly father in a wheelchair. I also haul a lot of gear in my jobs as a freelance photographer and part time live sound engineer. Other than std junk that needs replacing like starters, brakes the only issue has been some odd electrical quirks. The remote door control stopped working, not because of fob, but the onboard computer. The alarm would trigger about 1/3 of the time when entering. Finally gave up and pulled fuse on horn. Utterly boring vehicle to drive, but its a van. Mine way more reliable than reports suggest. I did run full synthetic oil and think that may have helped get 200K+ miles on it. You can haul a ton of stuff and it's fairly comfortable. The Infinity sound system is not bad at all. The 3.8 makes decent power. But it's a bit thirsty. With conservative driving I could only manage 20 mpg. maybe not terrible considering size of vehicle. And for a minivan, I think this version looked pretty good. I like the curvy design better than the new ones. I had some fancy SUV's prior to this and while they may have looked 'better' the van was ultimately more practical. Serously, way more usable space than 'midsize' SUV I didn't enjoy driving it, but it totally fulfilled it's mission. year later update. The van is being stored in a garage at the family farm. It needs an alternator, but it still will be useful down the road, so I'm going to keep it. I stand by earlier review. Boring to drive, but comfy, tons of cargo space and really pretty reliable. I expect things like alternators and starters to need replacing. But never any major engine or tranny problems. It leaks a little oil, but does not smoke even with 200Kplus miles. But I take care of my cars. I replaced with a 2012 VW Sportwagen which I love. It's pretty much my dream car. Practical but a riot to drive. I always wanted a GTI but the wagon handles great. I have GTI sport suspension components ready to install. Sorry off topic. I can highly recommend the Chrysler van to someone needing that type of vehicle. Maybe not as slick as the Honda or Toyota, but you can pick em up used pretty cheaply. If you get one that was serviced properly they seems to last. I do think Chrysler unfortunately tends to build vehicle that seems sort of cheap and tacky, but I've been impressed by usefulness and reliablity of this van. My VW may be entry level, but it just exudes class. Doesn't have all the luxury features of audi, but every bit an nice of interior and ride. Same as before. Still parked. but I haven't sold or junked because it can still be useful when I get it fixed. Great vehicle for the intended purpose. I can't say I 'enjoyed' it, but I have no regrets on purchase. These can be had on the cheap. Even the new ones, as no one wants them. (which is too bad IMHO) Well, the van has sat now for nearly 3 years. I'm finally going to sell it for scrap. RIP. To paraphrase Tolstoy....'it was the worst of cars, it was the best of cars'. Boring to drive, tacky interior, but very practical, comfortable, cheap to own other than fuel consumption. Still have no regrets on purchase. It was a tool that did the job.

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Excellant Car

V Stanley, 08/21/2009
Limited 4dr Ext Minivan
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This has been the best car I have ever owned !!!! It's electrical contacts for the seats and the window locks have a bit of a glitch.As well as we are very tall people and the drivers side leg room could be a little more spacious. But other than that I have been thrilled with the handling and performance of this vehicle. As a matter of fact. My oldest son took a defensive driving class with the local Sheriff's Dept where we had to provide our own vehicle for the course. This is where they had to put the vehicle into slides, emergency stopping, etc. We were told by the Sheriff instructor that this was an excellent vehicle that handled far past their expectations. Great Vehicle...

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Great Vehicle

Kentuckian, 08/29/2009
Limited 4dr Ext Minivan
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Bought this vehicle used with 60,000 miles on it. It has without a doubt been the best most reliable vehicle we have ever owned. It now has 140,000 miles on it and still going strong. Very reliable, practically no repairs outside of normal wear ie breaks, etc. Fuel mileage is very acceptable for such a large vehicle and 6 cylinder - about 25 on the highway. Also, I don't know how to explain it better, but it is just geared perfectly. It is a solid road vehicle, but when you need to pass or get extra power quickly - it will immediately gear down and give you the appropriate power and drive you need; better than any other vehicle I've owned. You can't go wrong with this vehicle.

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Enjoyed this model for 8 years!

Female_Driver, 01/12/2007
Limited 4dr Ext Minivan AWD
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We purchased this Town & Country Limited All Wheel Drive new in February 1999. It served us well unti we sold it in December 2006 with 108K. It was a great family hauler and it handled very well in the snow with studless snow tires (and the all wheel drive). Comfy interior and plenty of cargo room! This '99 was our third Chrysler minivan and the best of all of them. We replaced it with a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica because Chrysler does not now offer AWD option on their minivans. If you find a used one that has been well maintained, don't hesitate to buy it :-)

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great used van

dn, 04/12/2002
Limited 4dr Ext Minivan
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Excellent used van purchase. The interior is well designed and comfortable. The ride is outstanding and the vehicle has a reliable history. Would recommend this vehicle to any consumer looking for a good deal on a used van.

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