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Money Pit

joey_r, 09/30/2011
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I've had my '98 Sebring Lxi for 3 years now. I've sunk around $2500 into it. Had to replace the upper passenger side control arm, alternator, timing belt, computer, fuel pump & lines, and both tie-rods. Cheapest tire replacement was $121 each. I love the aggressive style of the car and the interior but all the money into it is not worth it.

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'98 Sebring Coupe

Katsalumnus, 04/21/2007
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I've had this car for more than nine years. I have only had normal wear and tear maintenance on it. I am a medium frame woman and the cockpit and placing of instrument panel is comfortable and useful.

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isis12, 09/02/2011
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My 1998 Sebring LXi had 95,000kms on it when I bought a few weeks ago and it has a V-6 2.5L engine, it also looks like new. The exterior looks very sharp and sporty, it's fun to drive, and the interior also looks very sharp, with big buttons that are placed intelligently. The seats in this car are very stiff and no matter how much the driver's seat is adjusted there is no comfy way to drive this car. This car has terrible fuel economy because my sister who owns a Grand Am with a 3.1L gets less than 10L/100km in the city while my car gets 11L/100km on the highway and my car has a considerably smaller engine. This car has already cost me $1000+ in repairs. I would not recommend this car.

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Stay away

D Reynolds, 02/11/2004
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DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE... is all I can say. I only bought it a few months ago and have nothing but transmission problems and brakes problems and now it is making all kinds of rattle noises. I wish I could take it back.....

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Total Enjoyment

leesa, 02/29/2004
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This has been a great car and is fun to drive. I would purchase another LXI. Would not recommend for 4 adults, 3 is ok but over that it is crowded. Car is rather restricted for someone 6' and taller. Rear window is difficult to clean.

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Love my Car

robby, 03/21/2007
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I bought this car 8 years ago, it was the style that attracted me. I liked the sporty look of the front cowl. I love the way it handles, the performance, the comfort. I have taken very good care of it and it has been a great car.

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First Car

sebringbaby, 03/20/2012
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I had gotten my Sebring, almost 2 years ago. After the first year, It started turning off when I was driving it back and forth to school. We took it to many mechanics and they said that they couldn't find what was wrong with it. But quite a few said it might be the fuel pump. It is a good car over all. I loved it when my parents first pulled it in the parking lot.

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My First Car

Joey_R, 08/29/2009
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I bought my Sebring as my first car. I bought it with 150,000 miles on it and it runs great. Besides a replacing the control arm and flex pipe, the car has been amazing.

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This car was Great!!

Chris17654, 08/28/2002
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This vehicle was great when I first got it. But later on in the year it started having problems. Every time I hit the gas it makes this humming sound that can really get on your nerves when on long trips out of town. Also the front axle seems to breaking down. There is some kind of rattling sound. All though it is almost impossible to get a better sound system installed because of the way everything is hooked up to the Amp in the trunk. The car is just to weird. The 1998 model should have been a manual anyway. It would work alot better so the buyers would be able to "Hook it up". Like cold air intakes etc.....

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Just OK...

Chris, 04/25/2006
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I have been happy with this car mechanically....but....too low in front, bad turning radius, rattles in glovebox and sunroof, exterior cladding fell off, stiff ride(but enjoyable). I have owned it since new. I would not buy another one. It has been an OK car and decently good looking. The cab forward design was interesting for looks but practical it is not. The newer models don't look as good, and the redesign doesn't even look promising. I won't recommend this car used unless you plan on adding a lot of aftermarket styling and equipment...should be cheap. It isn't even worth what edmunds or bluebook says it is worth.

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