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They don't make them like they use to!

BigRed1, 05/03/2005
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I have a 99 Tahoe Z71 powered by a LT1/340hp V8 (Yes, its original). Rear axle seals have always been a problem. Finally had to replace the axles. Brakes a huge problem; finally replaced with "greenstuff brakes", the jury is still out on that verdict. Transmission and engine still real strong after 121k miles. It's all the small stuff; power steering pump, alternator, fuel pump. However, try to tow 8000 pounds with your Toyota over the PA mountains! Gas mileage is 14/17. I can only use super unleaded fuel. I had to replace the entire exhaust system because both cats went out at 90k miles. Absolutely crazy; cats usually outlast the vehicle.

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dina, 09/02/2007
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This is the perfect vehicle for a soccer mom and her 3 soccer stars. We had a bad snow storm last winter close to 5 ft. all the other fancy suvs (a volvo, land cruser and mercedes) were stuck in the banks in the side of the rode as I plowed through 1+ ft. drifts coming back from a birthday party.

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Great Vehicle!

Doc Watson, 05/30/2003
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My first 4WD...Had 95,000 when I bought it but it had been taken cate of very well. No problems at all other than regular maintenance. Could benefit from larger brakes. Get a K&N air filter! No "Clunking" noise here! SNOW! I'm not scared of any stinking SNOW!

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Synkronized, 05/28/2003
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I gotta tell you all, I have been rear ended twice and both vehicles have just crumpled under the might of the tahoe. Not even a scratch or dent left on it. There is enough power to crawl over cars and make your own road. Install a grill guard and strike fear into all that drive slow in the fast lane. If thats not enough, install fog lamps. Once I ran over a civic and thought it was a pop can.

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99 Tahoe

BNic61, 05/13/2002
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very good vehicle for family use...spacious..comfortable...good front and rear air.......strong motor..good style

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