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mixed review

Jim1243567, 12/15/2003
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overall truck has been dependable. Looks good, body has held up well. v-6 has plenty of power. However, 4wd not working right out of showroom. I found out in snow storm. Trans went at 36437 miles, that's right 437 miles out of warranty. Caused by faulty switch for 4wd. Turning radius is very poor for such a small truck. Stepside box is too narrow, you can't fit a sheet of plywood in it. 3rd door rattles. Jump seat is useless.

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Do not Purchase

BB, 02/28/2002
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The overall build quality is very poor. Had transmission in to repair twice; luckly during the warrantee. Interior rattles, squeeks, and parts have cracked. Rearview mirror has fell off several times, because the unit weighs 7-10lbs and the repair kit cannot hold it up. Emergancy brake has broke twice. Have trouble starting the vehicle several times when its damp and cold (left me strainded many times) mechanics cannot find out the problem.

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Many Electrical and Engine Problems

jack, 08/12/2006
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I purchased this truck used from a local dealer with around 97,000 miles on it. It has had constant problems with electrical shorts in the wiring bundle. ECM circuit problems including fuel pump and ignition . I will never buy a S-10 again after reading all the comments on numerous sites . Chevy will continue to lose capital if they don't do a better job on quality control. Any one want a 97 s-10 cheap? Looking at Toyota after reading consumer reports.

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This truck is the worst!

ozonewht, 01/09/2004
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I drive the 4cyl. version. I bought this truck brand new. I have had nothing but problems. The CD player has been replaced twice, the radiator replaced, windshield wipers were defective, the seatbelts were defective, Im on my 3rd AC compressor, the alarm was defective,the door handle fell out of the door-had to replaced, battery has had to be replaced 4 times- truck wouldnt start when I had to go to work, the gas gauge broke after 3 years, rearview mirror fell off. 3rd door rattles. Seats wore out after 2 years.I bought a extended warranty up 75000 miles, but things really needed to be replaced after 80000 miles.

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1997 S10 2dr LS Regular Cab

Mawarikomi, 02/06/2009
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I bought my truck used from a dealer at 44k miles and took it only to 120k before I had enough. Quality was atrocious - interior panels cracked and fell off, mirrors fatigued and broke off. The truck would not start in humid (90%+), cold weather (especially 32-45F), really cold weather was fine. I got a head gasket leak at 80k and had to repair the tranny at about 110k (both those seem normal for the driving I did so not really a gripe). My brake lines blew out despite having been regularly inspected. Here's a positive note, the engine was awesome despite the head gasket and tranny. If the rest of the truck could have kept up with the engine the truck would have been a keeper.

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Decent truck

Travis, 10/21/2009
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I've owned this truck since 2004 (I bought it with 120K miles) and I've put about 50K miles on it. Recently I've been using it to do a 400 mile round trip each week: its comfy for the long ride, its been reliable, and I regularly get between 22 and 25 mpg on these long trips. I've had no major problems with it. About 10K miles ago, the fuel gauge stopped giving an accurate reading (it drops rapidly and then hovers above empty). And simple maintenance is all but impossible because everything is packed-in tightly. Granted I'm not mechanically inclined... Installing a custom stereo was a pain-- the dash is hard to remove. I'd love to get a new car, but this thing just won't seem to die.

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Low Price for Excellent Quality

squire46, 09/06/2002
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Chevrolet made an excellent small truck in 1997. The mechanical and structural aspects have stood the test of time. The engine and drive train have aged nicely without any major repairs. The engines hummes the same way as when I first bought it. It is an excellent vehicle for someone with light duty chores, but at the same time offers a smoother ride than more sedans.

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JOHN TORRES, 09/13/2002
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Good solid truck

Ritch, 11/01/2002
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I have had no problems with my truck, the power is great, the gas mileage is okay, never have had to do anything to my truck except maintenance...I would highly recommend a S-10 to anyone...

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Lots of Fun packed into a Small Package

Brocnizer, 10/08/2002
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She maybe small, but don't let the looks deceive you. I put around 25,000 miles a year on this truck with current mileage of 127,000 and it has yet to see the shop. Don't think that I baby it either. She pulls a 6,000 pound boat atleast once per week and deals with stop and go traffic every week day. The Vortec V-6 is the absolute perfect match, suprising all those that drive it and watch it work. I usually get a comment at the boat ramp from someone telling me that my truck won't be able pull the boat up the steep launch ramp, and boy are they supprised when they see it come out without any wheel spin.

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