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What a waste of$

megsymc, 03/16/2011
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I find it comical how similar everyone's story's are. I have to laugh because this car has been a nightmare. The electronic issue is just ridiculous, no one should have to wait ten minutes to start their car because the car thinks someone's trying to steal it. I have only owned the car for a little over a yr & put nearly $3K into it. Fuel pump, gasket, water pump, coolant leak, brakes, catilitic convertor, spark plugs... you name it I've fixed it. I refuse to fix the electronic cylander or put new tires on it. Don't ever buy this car. I wouldn't even sell it to someone. I'm junking it.

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This car is a [non-permissible content removed]

pag_089, 01/19/2013
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I bought my Malibu in September 2010, and immediately the problems started. I can't even begin to think of the number of times this car has been in the shop. So far, I've spent over $5,000 on it out of pocket, and that's not counting the work that was performed under the dealer's warranty. This car is nothing but a money pit. I'm telling everybody I know to avoid this car, and to avoid Chevrolet in general like the plague. They produce poor quality vehichles and don't stand by their work.

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NYSEGUY, 10/21/2002
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An Accord it's not, but then again, for an extra $400 OTD price that I got this vehicle for over a 2002 Honda Accord Value Edition I got a V6, Power Everything, Keyless Entry, ABS....I could go on....suffice to say, well worth the $. It's not a head turner, but I was looking for a comfortable car my wife can shuttle my daughter around in that's safe too. For that purpose, it couldn't be a better vehicle. The only issue I have is the doors have been making a "grinding" sound, but I saw there is a TSB on that issue.

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I've owned two

Scott, 03/17/2005
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I really like my Malibus. Occasionally they have had some repairs needed - A/C switch, blink switch, door switch. But Overall I'm very, very pleased. Great pickup and go and excellent handling a high speeds in the rain - (freeway driving). The 2002 realy hugs the road well. I did buy the extended warranty. My dealership (Thorobred in Arizona) takes GREAT care of me. Best service of any company I've ever dealt with. I'd buy another !!!! (Many who boo hoo are asian supporters)

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A Car Don't

rsg71, 05/25/2011
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I bought this car in 2005, and it has been in the shop nearly every year. Last year, it was in the shop 3 times, and it it would be on it's way again if I wasn't getting rid of it! The fuel pump, lower intake gasket, anti-theft sensor that won't turn off (the key IS in the ignition), and then some routine maintenance things. I don't mind paying routine up keep of a car, but the parts and labor is outrageous for the most basic things! The thing that appalls me the most- Chevy KNOWS about these problems but has done nothing to make it right by their customers. Will not own GM again.

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