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Excellent car!!!

crazymonk2012, 02/06/2012
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All I can say is the car is fantastic. Okay those of you that read this review. If you ever buy an earlier Impala. Buy one with a 3.8 okay. They have the fewest of problems. My big plus with the vehicle is the reliability! I mean problems I have seen on this forum are probably really picky people. Although if you look at it. My 2005 Impala has always been reliable. Never broken down before ever!! I love this car and recommend that if you buy this car. Buy one with a 3.8. If you buy a newer Impala do not buy the 3.9 engine. Get the one with the 3.6 liter. Hope this helps you all.

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2005 Chevy Impala SS

Rome, 09/24/2010
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I just purchased my 2005 Chevy Impala SS. I've only had it a short time and really love it. I'm an enthusiast and this car meets most of my high standards. It has plenty of room for my 2 kids, huge truck, and it's a great car for a 45 year old dad. I bought it with 31,000 miles and have to say this Impala is of few that are truly worthy of the legendary SS badge dating back 50 years. if you find one of these with low miles, grab it, they are now hard to find and will be future collections. Bravo GM you did this one right.

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I love this car

triciakraft, 05/23/2013
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I have a 2005 base model Impala with 210k miles on it. Ive only had 3problems with it. A fuel pressure regulator ($50), Catalytic Converter ($250) and my cruise control hasn't worked in approx 3 weeks. I own 2 other vehicles a expedition and a 2011 convertible Camaro SS with all the bells and whistles imaginable. This may sound a bit nuts, but I prefer the Impala, the ride is so much more comfortable not to mention 29mpg. I drive it everyday it hasn't given me any problems (its well maintained) and i expect to last at least another 130k. If you had problems with this vehicle, you probably didn't care for it as well as you could have.

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Great car - value and comfort

TCD, 09/05/2010
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I've always been a Toyota guy (celicas and camry) but this car changed my mind. As soon as I drove it, I loved it. The front bench seat is so comfy and roomy. No bucket seats that usually restrict my legs and you feel closer to the passenger with no divider (I guess that only matters if you like the passenger). The ride is smooth - soft without being too "floaty" like the big chevy boats of the past. I love the steering on this car, very responsive. The 3.4 base engine has enough power when you need it and gets surprisingly good mileage for a big car. You can see how safe the car is when you look under the hood. Major bracing and crumple features. I got the black with spoiler and sunroof

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Great Car!

Richard G, 04/04/2016
4dr Sedan (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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The run down for my 2005 Chevrolet Impala base 3400: The car was purchased in January 2008 with 65,000 miles on it. I paid $5,400 TTL and is now at 150,000 miles on the same engine, transmission, cat converter, ect. I have done the shocks, brake pads, and basic maintenance such as new AC Delco spark plugs, wires, radiator hoses, oil changes, transmission service (pan drop and filter change), coolant change, replaced the water pump, and I did a head gasket (my fault, I let the car get hot when I was in college). This car is a very comfortable, reliable and all around grate value vehicle. It is my daily driver and I intend to keep it a while longer. It still drives great and I take in on my 'road trips' where I go see my family 250 miles away traveling on I-35 going 80ish mph here in Texas (speed of traffic). The ride is great, the seats are comfortable, the car is easy to work on, the car is comprised of 'old' technology making it cheap and a large comunity out there which has already encountered most of the problems you will find - see impala forums or other sites which use you engine - in my case the 60*V6 3400 3.4. I will say the interior plastic feels cheap. The center console does squeak a bit if you use it to get yourself into the car. I have since cracked (small) the dash panel (which is also the radio bezel - it's all one piece) from taking it out so many times and not being careful - I changed the instrument cluster, and added a nice aftermarket radio as well as installing my old radio to program key fobs. Which leads me to another point: You can buy aftermarket (cheap) key fobs and program them to your vehicle via the stock radio. I did this to program key fobs to my other w-body (04 Grand Prix GT) which was nice and saves me money. Also keys can be programed to the car very easily - I just buy cheap ebay keys with chevy logos and go to home depot and have them cut - yes they can cut them even though there is a chip inside. The fuel take has access via the trunk if you ever need to replace the fuel pump (I have not) so that's a plus - where I am going is that they did engineer this car the be worked on rather easily. Cost and my 2c: Ok so here's the run down: Car $5400 TTL Ins for 8 Years $500/year = $4000 Repairs to the car $3000 Tires in this time frame: $1000 I'm sure I'm missing a few small things here or there but look at the bigger picture: Total over the 8 years $13,400 so 13400/8 = $1,675/year (but again this includes everything) Now I got rear ended and they hit the frame so it totaled the car but I bought it back and I got $3,600 for it back (this is was in summer of 2014) So total for me*** is $9,800 for the 8 years. You could this of this as you as well (as if you sold it - they valued it at 4600 and -1000 buy back) So 9800/8 = $1,225/year :) great 'investment' I still have the car and it's running strong. If you don't like the interior, swap in stuff from a 2000-2005 monte carlo. I plan on adding a few things from one soon - I already took an instrument cluster from a monte carlo which had RPM. MPG: I get what EPA says I should. 2016 Easter weekend, I got 32.xxxxx driving on the crumby I-35 traveling around 70-80mph (all highway and miles from trip divided by fuel into tank - I also always fill up and the same fuel station and fuel pump) Seats: Cloth. Don't knock it! They still look great save for the drivers which doesn't 'look' bad but when your not sitting in it, you can see part of the lower cushion's cloth doesn't lay flat against the cushion.

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