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To hell and back, lived to tell the tale

WoodRat1984, 11/29/2009
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I bought mine for 550 dollars, and almost 2 years later, I still own it. New radiator (ran all winter with no antifreeze!), new serp. Belt, oil changes and spark plugs, bulb replacements, and a new hood, all under 150 dollars! This car should still be in production. No Major problems, I recommend this car to anyone, doesn't matter if your rich or poor! Outstanding reliability! Man I wish I could have had this car sooner! Good performance! Smoked a 2008 Hyundai sonata! And an acura tsx! And any old Taurus or sable! Ha! And my car was practically free! In the process of tuning it up to beat a mustang hopefully, or to come close! Awesome car!

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phil n, 06/21/2008
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Bought car for $300 with 240,000 km's on a 2.2. Have changed coil pack (real pain), transmission (more real pain), water pump (another pain) and other little things. Idle is erratic. Motor is unbelievable - neither uses oil nor leaks oil. When I check the oil it is cleaner than the oil in my wife's 2001 Focus! It's totally gutless around town unless you put your foot to the floor but seems to morph into another car on the highway - it'll do 85 without trying. I'm not really complaining because we have 'air care' (smog test) here and that inflates the price of any used car that passes and I was expecting to have to fix it up ua bit.

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Great car at a low cost!

Corsicakid, 04/17/2002
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My 4 cyl. Chevy Corsica, which happens to be my first car has been a great one for the money. I bought it with 100,000 miles and now have close to 150,000 miles. Given the age and the mileage, reliability has been above average. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone, if fuel economy is a major concern for you, then go with the 2.2 4 cyl model, otherwise get the 3.1 V6, it has much better get-up-and-go than the 4 cyl. "Two thumbs up!"

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Lasted pretty long

Jessie, 12/16/2008
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When this car died on me there were over 226,000 miles on it. Throughout its life-span I had to get a new engine put into it. The car did not brake well at all (very common for Corsicas). The paint faded, and there were other several major and/or minor repairs that I had to get on the car to make it last as long as it did. Except on the interstate, it had a comfortable drive. The interior is bland, and the exterior is even more bland. The radio did not have back speakers (don't understand the logic to that) and, therefore, did not have any bass to it. It's a good car for the average college student, but if you're gonna use it for business I would suggest you don't.

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Good Value

canajun, 05/17/2002
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A great car for just getting around...not fancy, but quite reliable. Bullet-proof engine (3.1l) requires minimal maintenace and has great highway power. With some prevention, the body has lasted without any rust.

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