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2025 McLaren Artura Spider: Because Roofs Are Boring

McLaren's smallest supercar goes topless

2025 McLaren Artura Spider front
  • The McLaren Artura Spider is more than just a convertible version of the Artura coupe.
  • It boasts more power and detail changes that make it even sharper.
  • It also gets more tech and additional advanced safety systems.
  • It starts at almost $275,000.

The McLaren Artura follows a formula that fans of the brand will be quite familiar with — it's a two-door, two-seat sports car with the engine behind the driver. But the Artura employs the automaker's first V6 and a hybrid system that builds off what McLaren learned from its P1 hypercar from a decade ago. Now McLaren is taking the Artura formula and peeling the roof off with the 2025 Artura Spider. 

But creating the Spider goes further than just adding a hardtop convertible roof — McLaren resculpted the Artura's aero profile to help feed air where it needs to go despite a convertible's tendency to disrupt airflow. And since the carbon-fiber monocell that serves as the core of most McLaren products was built from the outset with the Spider in mind, so the Spider is just 136 pounds heavier than the coupe and no less stiff.

2025 McLaren Artura Spider rear

The 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 and the electric motor it joins forces with put out a total of 690 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque. That's slightly more than existing examples of the Artura coupe, but current owners can actually have a software update installed on their cars to match the Spider's engine output. McLaren also says that shift times are reduced by as much as 25% thanks to a new gearbox calibration for the Spider, and the 0-60 mph is identical to the coupe's at just 3.0 seconds.

Additional changes should make the Artura more reactive and better to drive. The response rate of the adaptive dampers (that is, how quickly the hardware reacts to what the car's computer wants it to do) has been increased by 90%. McLaren also claims braking should be more consistent and stronger when hauling yourself down from higher speeds thanks to revised ABS tuning. New powertrain mounts keep better control of the engine to help the car's balance through corners.

2025 McLaren Artura Spider interior

A few other quality-of-life improvements are added to the updated 2025 Artura, such as a new wireless charger shaped like a cradle to prevent your phone from flying away during hard driving. A number of advanced driver assist systems, like blind-spot warning, rear-cross traffic alert and adaptive cruise control, are available, while road sign recognition and lane departure warning are standard. 

McLaren's cheapest drop-top will set you back $273,800 and will be available this summer, just in time for a cruise up the coast. 

Edmunds says

McLaren's convertibles rarely disappoint, and we see no reason why you'd take the Artura coupe over this stunning Spider.