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4.1 out of 5 stars
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4.13 out of 5 stars

Excellent from an economic perspective.

esasllc, 09/28/2012
Custom 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car in February of 09 with 83K for approx. $2,900. An older gentlemen owned it and it was garaged and well maintained. Prior to this I owned an 04 Ford Expedition EB edition that was costing $600.00/month. I got rid of the gas guzzling money pit and since I have owned the Lesabre, I have spent less than $800 in total in almost 4 years. I'm amazed that when I drive 235 miles to visit my mother, it gets around 27-28 mpg and about 21-22 around town, but best of all, no car payments, fits 3 baby seats and keeps plenty of money in my pocket. At 135K, it has some quirks, but nothing major.

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4.75 out of 5 stars

First car I've owned that I Love

cluchs8, 04/12/2015
Limited 4dr Sedan
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I bought my car with 140k miles and fixed brake lines (400) and valve cover gasket (150)leaks. The serpentine belt has started to squeak, but it doesn't matter, because the factory stereo is incredible for a 98. I love the ride, It's supple yet competent, more so than I expected from a boat. The torque and passing power is actually pretty impressive for the HP output. It wafts from 40-75 like it's nothing, and with cruise on at 60 i get 29 mpg. I get about 17-20 in the city,and it's awesome on snow w/ all seasons. I feel safer in it than i do my 2010 dodge ram. brakes don't really cut it, you have to pay attention, sudden stops aren't its favorite.I named mine Victor.Best grand i ever spent

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3.38 out of 5 stars

Pile of GM Junk

John, 11/30/2005
Limited 4dr Sedan
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There was a year we had to fix it every month. Water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, starter. Pieces fell off. Once we drove over something that fell off and we blew a tire and damaged the oil pan. Back end made a creaking noise, dealer couldn't figure out why. Once in a while wouldn't start, dealer couldn't figure out why. Rear windows wouldn't roll down unless I sprayed with WD-40. Seat, radio, cigarette lighter broke. Inside fell off passenger door. Interior surfaces peeled off. Recalled twice. Battery bracket broke, battery fell down and cracked, nearly new battery had to be replaced. Engine blew at 99,000 miles. What a pile of crap. Don't walk, RUN from this piece of GM junk.

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4.63 out of 5 stars

Most comfortable car in the a price

bigboatlover, 04/17/2011
Limited 4dr Sedan
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I bought the car with 218000kms, fully loaded and aside from some surface rust on the usual LeSabre spots(near rocker panels) the car was immaculate. Now the car is at 236000km and the car has giving me the following grief: starter, left ball joint, serpentine belt, belt tensioner, and now a main seal oil leak at 236000kms! The car is worth the same at the repair job for the oil leak, i'm sorry by in 18000kms I have shoveled way too much into this car, the car has given me too much trouble after being perfectly fine 9 months ago.

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3.88 out of 5 stars

I adored the buick boat

stimely1987, 04/10/2012
Custom 4dr Sedan
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Bought the car 5 years ago from a family member.. had 113,000 now has 156,000.. Absolutely a tough car.. in five years i've only replaced a few sensors nothing over 50 bucks. Had to replace brake lines twice due to one garage being shady.. Water pump which was an easy fix. Muffler but PA winters are horrible and the biggest fix was the security system locked up. but it only cost 150 bucks.. Instead of paying 2 grand for GM to fix it, I had a good mechanic bypass the security system by cutting a few wires and regrounding them down with cheap resistors from Radio Shack.. No regrets having the buick I love it.. But she's getting old so it's time for a new one soon...

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