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This car is awesome

don hurley, 12/23/2006
4dr Sedan (5.0L 10cyl 7AM)
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The M5 is a legal race car. So many things to love about this car. It is also an eye catcher, mine is Indi-red exterior and red interior, very sharp! The SMG does take a little to get use to, but does give the car a racing feel. Oh, and the exhaust note is heaven.

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Super Car

kenfox, 05/09/2010
4dr Sedan (5.0L 10cyl 7AM)
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Picked up a low mileage 07 M5 after reading some tough reviews on fuel economy and terrible SMG transmission. Don't beleive them! This car is a drivers fantasy car...the motor and transmission are incredible and smooth, you just need to invest some time and figure it out. I am getting 19mpg sriving 80mph with "power on"'ll go from 50 to 100 fater than I can write it, the paddles/F1 shifiting is perfect. I have a 911 and a them both - this is better. If you love to drive, find one of these M5's and own it. Also helps if your brother is a state trooper, you will get in trouble, promise.

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Buttoned down ground pounder

Gary, 10/10/2010
4dr Sedan (5.0L 10cyl 7AM)
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I find the car a real kick in the pants to drive. It is refined when called for but hit the m button and hold on . What a monster. But this car is the most precise and accurate steering car I have ever driven. It corners like it is on rails. Roll into a tight turn and Punch it and it just hunkers down, rolls out on azimuth, and jumps out like somebody kicked it from behind. Lots of cool cars on the street with wicked exhausts. But you can take em in this car. If you have turn nothing but a pure supercar can keep up. The transmission takes a little getting used to but bottom line. I love it! Acceleration is smooth, fast and predictable.

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Porsche in a Tuxedo

drr, 10/02/2007
4dr Sedan (5.0L 10cyl 7AM)
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This is a 4 door race car. Performance and handling are as good as the Porsche I used to own. The difference is that this is an everyday driver. I don't understand the complaints about the iDrive. With a little effort, I find it very intuitive. The SMG is the same - with some experience, it becomes second nature.

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Performance Only

WIlliam Rodney, 09/18/2007
4dr Sedan (5.0L 10cyl 7AM)
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The car's performance is better than those exotics like Ferrari and Lambo and Porsches. What I mean by performance is not just acceleration handling and braking, it includes family hauling, grocery shopping and everyday driving. Try hauling a baby seat with a Ferrari or Lambo. Try grocery shopping with a Porsche. In that means plus great handling, face numbing acceleration and you have the M5. It is my 2nd M5 and I love it. Although not as much as my previous M5 for fun-to-drive, or my neighbor's Honda CR-V for grocery shopping, but I love it, I love it, I love it

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