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2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6
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One nice ride

Mfer, 07/04/2010
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Took this across the country - refined LOADED interior is stock on the active hybrid so the price is not as bad as it looks if your looking for a loaded BMW - a pleasure to drive every time I get in it.

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X6 Hybrid a Great Piece of Engineering

Geir Karlsen, 11/21/2010
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Changed from a 2006 X5 4.8 to the 2010 X6 Hybrid. It was like night and day. The driving experience is stunning. The car looks great and clings to the road, is fast and is absolutely marvelous on the highway. Cruising between 60 and 90 is a dream. My BMW ownership has always been the best. Great service and sales and the high calibre BMW engineering and workmanship are why I have my 4th BMW.

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x6 hybrid- amazing technology

jdbmwowner, 02/15/2014
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4th BMW, own m3; m6 and this is my favorite to drive. Fast, stable, full featured, incredible interior, and just fun to drive. One of the best cars I have owned, and I have owned over 30 cars.

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