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Awesome Car

Larry C., 02/26/2005
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I have a 1991 Acura Integra with 190,000 miles. I teach Drivers Education in it. I have put on 40k a year and have not had to do anything but replace three window motors. (same window) Other than that, I could not recommend this car enough. I am in the market for another one.

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Car Gone to Junk

Mrs.Baltimore, 05/09/2002
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I bought this car in the summer August as soon as the winter rolled around the car was junk. It took so much to get the car to start and I had to replace so many parts after a while I had to junk it. I wish I could get the dealership on the lemon law.

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'teg lives up to name

stupid mistake, 06/12/2002
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i've had this car for 8 years, cant say that ive had any major problems...all my friends that have driven it say it feels like youre going faster than you really are, that's a fun quality to have

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love it!

dpenta, 08/16/2002
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My Integra has over 350,000 miles on it (I got it used from some friends) and is still running strong! Feels like it has less than half the miles on it it really does. Even with the automatic, the engine is still spunky, and (at least for acceleration) I prefer driving this over either of my parents' Lexuses. Any problems I've experienced are mostly due to age.

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Rick Moore, 08/28/2002
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The car is awsome. It is reliable and the mileage is great. It gets about 230 miles per fill up.

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Great Integra

Bob S., 10/15/2003
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My '91 Integra LS 5 speed manual transmission with A/C has been a great car. Nothing really bad about it. Maintained well at dealership. Rear breaks changed at 53,000 & front breaks changed at 102,000 miles. Clutch & motor mounts being changed at 120,000. I like this model better than the new models. It seems to be more solid.

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No problem car.

HondaFan, 07/26/2005
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Have had my Honda Acura (Integra), manual, for more than 6 years, 125000km (total on the clock 176000km), no problem so far, just basic maintenance - breaks, cam belt, clutch, belts, antifreeze. The engine is like a new one and I have the feeling that will last for ever. This is a model more than 14 years old and it still looks good. I have full confidence in the car. Probably I will try to buy Honda again one day if I am looking for another car. The greatest car I've ever had.

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Holding Up over 200k miles.

chekster, 04/06/2008
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Bought at 178k from a friend, now has 218k miles. Stick. Car is fun to drive, handles and runs well, better then my 92 accord (LX-auto). Clutch took some getting used to. Don't care a ton for the anti-lock brakes in snow. Fairly reliable, but several age related repairs are now showing up (thermostat, rear calipers, alternator; main relay and fan control module starting to go; small oil leak at valve cover gasket; frameless windows seals starting to lose some elasticity). Typical 90s Honda rear wheel well rust. Trunk lid size and rear seats are small for this size of vehicle (my 84 escort was slightly better). Still, I would recommend and have enjoyed owning.

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