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Have Enjoyed this Car

Anonymous, 12/08/2010
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I recently purchased my 2000 Volvo S80 less than two years ago with 97500 miles on it. I have been taking care of it, and it has been taking car of me. Disregarding preventative maintenance, the only parts I have had to change were the oxygen sensors (which were supposed to be changed at 100000 miles) and the battery. Many people complain that the repairs are expensive, which may be true for someone who for someone who feels bound to the dealer for all repairs. However if you are willing shop around for labor and parts, you can make the repair and maintenance experience comparable to other cars.

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The Best Car I've Ever Owned

Mel, 08/09/2006
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I'm 53 years old and have owned a lot of cars, but none beats the 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo. I have no idea what the other people are talking about, but I've had nothing but excellent reliability and pure driving pleasure. I've owned the car for almost two years and drive it everyday. I get 21 mpg city and 25 highway. Short or long distance driving experience is nothing short of superb. The turbo is awesome, but I also own a 2000 Volvo S80 nonturbo, which is just as great (owned for 6 years and NO bad experience, just routine maintenance). I love my 2000 S80s. I will purchase the 2007 S80, but I won't trade in my 2000 S80s. I'm keeping them.

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Not for the long run

ampxs, 02/05/2013
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I bought this car is 2010 with 160k miles on it. I bought it AS-IS and they gave me a new battery since the one it had was dead. I got a great deal on it considering the milage. I had no issues with it for about the first year, after that the ac went out I have replaced the radiator myself for $90. I have replaced 2 ignition coils which I did myself ($80 a piece). I found out from the volvo dealer I needed a new ETM which is 1200 installed. I run the car without it being replaced and it surges. I changed both the axels which was difficult. I do oil changes every 6k miles. It has 220k miles now and needs a timing belt but it is 800 to replace. Its a good car if you dont mind putting lots of $

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Terrible reliability

Shelline Holmes, 10/31/2010
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I thought the Volvo was a reliable vehicle. But I should have done more research. The Volvo which I brought had 55000 miles. Today it has 69000. The transmission has to be replaced. The brakes have to be replaced again. The check engine light is on and off. The sensor system is bad. The control arms have to be replaced. The repair bill is just unbelievable!!!! I have to let the car go.

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2000 Volvo s80 Dr T-6

Coolmo, 04/19/2010
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This car is the worst car I've ever own. I saw the mix reviews about this car and was hoping maybe I would get one that was reliable. It turns out I shouldn't make my life career gambling. I bought this car with 80k on it. First it was the motor mounts then it was th shocks and rattle noise. then the check engine light. The the SRS light. Then it would stall once in a while. usually when i try to merge unto the highway. Now i am told the cars computer is not working correctly. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VOLVO. do yourself a favor and take heed to this review(unlike me) stay away from volvo do not buy. especially this model.

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2000 S80 T6

REBARLEE, 02/08/2010
T6 Turbo 4dr Sedan
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Purchased new - all available options- first few years ok- This is my 6th and last ever Volvo. Dealers now charge $100 for diagnostics. Fit and finish crappy-Check engine light on constantly even though we always had dealer maintain. Now transmission shot- strut too many times to mentions- Throttle body always an issue. Electronics are a joke- expensive and unreliable- Do your self a favor and do not buy any post 1987 Volvo- Since Ford took over went from being a great to a crappy car

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Affordable Luxury Sedan

sedan man, 02/26/2002
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This is solid, well built safe sedan. The acceleration is strong and a great ride on the highway if you're going north and south. The handling is okay. Semi-frustrating trunk lock/unlock feature. The interior features are great, comfortable seats, lots of leg room for taller people. Haven't had any problems with the car after 12K miles. Aside from the lock/unlock features all in all, for the money, a very good buy.

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She is fast and fun! I love Volvo!

Ju-Ju '50, 05/26/2010
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The previous owner took excellent care of her. She hardly looked sat in, much less driven. I couldn't believe my luck, to total my Volvo sw and find a beaut waiting for me to buy her. It's amazing to put my foot on the accelerator and find out I'm going 93 and it feels like I'm going 35! She feels like an affordable luxury car. Leather seating, air conditioning ducts behind the rear seats, front seat warmers, wiper blades on the headlights, a button for wet weather control. The ride is quiet, cruise control makes the drive effortless, smooth. She was used after all; the locks needed replacing, and the transmission because I forgot to shift out of low while driving on the freeway.

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200,000 mile car feels like new

josh smith, 06/29/2010
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I recently bought my 2000 Volvo s80 t6 it had crazy mileage so i paid 2k for it body was in great shape motor is so quiet you cannot even tell its running. handles great! with more power than my A4 or A6. interior design looks great has a small issue with the seat belt buckle catching and tearing the leather on the door skin easy fix with one of those v seat belt support things. it does lack in the turning radius but it still handles better than any American car. a slight mod to the air box and the car is fast. over all it has been the best 200k car i have seen ill re review this car at 400k I'm sure it will make it. as for costs with eBay and cl parts are no longer so expensive.

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Very comfortable when it working

Stephen, 09/30/2015
2.9 4dr Sedan
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It a money the car and drives very comfortable but I keep going to the car shop every month or so and breaking the bank......I hope this the last time until for a while

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