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New Ride

Nocoverage, 10/28/2006
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I just recently traded an underpowered 2.0 5-speed manual Beetle for a 2.5 6-speed automatic Beetle. It's even the same color. The new vehicle has significantly more power, better ride, and better build quality. The engine purrs at a quiet 2,200 rpm's at highway speed, making travel much more enjoyable. It has the same great features as my '01 model. This is a good car.

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My second New Beetle not as good as the first

eliteboi, 09/04/2013
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I previously owned a 2000 New Beetle 1.8T. That car was GREAT. It gave me very few problems, and it never left me stranded. One of the worse mistakes I have made. I've had lots of stupid problems come up. I bought the car with 68k miles, and all service records. I had no warning and the water pump went out, at 68.5k. Replaced two wheel bearings, the tie rods, the door speaker. I could go on. I have had this car a little over a year. The best part was when the inner axle snapped getting off the highway. I think my car must be a lemon. It is getting harder and harder to justify keeping it. My car looks great, but it doesn't perform half as well as my 2000 did, which had twice the miles.

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An Excellent CAR

Dwest21, 11/21/2006
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I love this car. It's awesome. I feel safe in the b\Beetle. It's quiet, it comes with an enormous amount of standard features, and for about $20,000, you can get a really decent vehicle. This is my first VW, and I've heard horrible rants about their warranty department, so hopefully everything will go smoothly, and nothing major will go wrong. I've only had the car almost a month, and as of right now, I couldn't be happier! It has a great sound system, great air conditioner, great interior, is extremely comfortable, has beautiful new head-lights, the list goes on.

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Myra, 02/16/2016
2.5 2dr Hatchback (2.5L 5cyl 5M)
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I purchased my 2007 baby in 2010, Houston Tx and it was shipped from Florida. Very good vehicle, performance, reliability, got caught in 2 floods water middle ways my tires and I made it through, no hesitation no problems afterwards, wonderful! I love the air tight, heavy doors! When shipped a lot of repairs had to be done to get it ready. But the factory warranty covered everything accept the $100 per pop! After the factory warranty ended I purchased extended warranty that covered other repairs, but for about 1 1/2 years, because the value of my car is only $5,000, the extended warranty no longer covers, it's all on me and it has been a very expensive 2 years, seems like everything is falling apart. And because some parts takes a long to get here, I have also paid much in rental cars. A matter of fact it's in the shop as I speak, ignition housing went out and has to be re-keyed etc., gone take 8-15 days before part arrives, go figure the cost of this rental for 15 days! I think it may be time to move on!

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in love with my Beetle

birulo, 10/26/2011
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Bought this car new from the dealer and it's given me a couple of problems but overall I don't regret the purchase. Its sole appearance makes me happy every time I look at it. I seriously love my car. My only complain is that the parts, oil changes and even the coolant are very expensive. To be objective, I have to mention that entering its 4th year (2011), little things here and there started to break down, for example the interior roof liner is coming loose on the edges, antenna broke when covered the car with an ordinary car cover and one of the windshield washers seems to be clogged. My compressor died this year too ($2000)... and the battery and the headlights but that's to be expected

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