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Electrical Problems

Burnt, 04/07/2004
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This car has refused to start on many occasions since purchase. Five times the dealership has tried repairs without success. VW representatives mouth the company line but never fix any problems. We are demanding the car be taken back and will file a lawsuit if they don't. Other websites indicate there are many electrical problems with VW cars and refusing to start is one of them.

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Wake Up USA

capemaycruiser, 05/10/2004
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The VW Beetle TDI diesel, pervasive in Europe due to really high fuel costs and forward looking regulations, is a pleasure to drive, easy to maintain and much less stressful at the pump than a comparable gas burner. The high torque (and low rpm's) of the TDI makes it quiet and powerful on the highway while demonstrating the hill climbing strengths of a goat. And burning high cetane, low sulfur fuel or better yet a 20% blend of biodiesel, keeps the emissions low. In 18 months and 34K miles, my TDI Beetle has performed flawlessly and has been a hoot to drive past a bus load of school kids instigating a punch buggy frenzy!

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jennychan, 07/15/2004
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Beware the 40,000 mile service costs $1,000 ... they must have this VW confused with a porshe ... when you figure that added expense, you can wave goodbye to any fuel savings

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TDI Beetle - best kept secret out there

AIXIZCYCLES, 07/06/2009
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Having learned to drive on a 1962 bug, I have a certain affection for the Beetle. This new one does not disappoint and is uber fun to drive. Owing a new Suburban and also a HD bike, I use the Beetle for daily chores and business commuting. At 6'1" and 250lbs, I have plenty of room. I specifically wanted a turbo diesel, manual because a small car should be fun and involve the driver in the experience. Can't complain abut the 44mpg I am getting as well! I also have a grin on my face knowing that it does not meet current EPA requirements!!! Global warm this.

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Gotta love the TDI, 1yr later still loving it!!

Long Range Customs, 07/26/2017
GLS TDI 2dr Hatchback (1.9L 4cyl Turbodiesel 5M)
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At 6'6", the little VW Beetle has absolutely the most comfortable seats my wife and i have ever been in for long road trips. A few years ago i made a 5400 mile trip in 84 hours flat, yes do the math on that one! I certainly was tired when i got to my destination and returning home but was no where near as sore as every other vehicle i have ever been owned! Gotta love the VW seats and interior design! The fuel mileage of the little 1.9L is incredible. At 80 mph for nearly the entire trip with severe side/head winds at times i still averaged 45MPG for the entire trip!!We typically see 42 city and 48-50hwy. I use light weight synthetic oils in the engine and tranny. I run my tires at their max on the sidewall giving me nearly perfect tread wear across the entire surface of the tires. My best tank was 760 miles on one tank! I spent a lot of time nursing it to the top both times. INCREDIBLE!! My only complaint however, is that VW used flimsy "Rivets" to hold the third member together that the ring gear bolts to in the little 5 spd transmission. A couple of the rivets flew out and punched a 3"-4" hole in the lower side of the transmission housing. At about 156k we removed the tranny to install a new clutch and much to our surprise we found the "inspection hole" they caused when they flew out. Costing us an unnecessary case replacement/tranny rebuild! We drilled out the remaining rivets and installed the recommended API bolt kit and all is good! It has absolutely ran like a swiss watch before and after that. Can't say enough about the little TDI beetles, love'em!! We liked it so much i am heading to purchase another one as ours was just hit in the front end by another driver and was totaled. All occupants we completely safe thanks to the Beetles design!! :{)

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