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Follow Up - from May 2006 Review

christianhoy, 07/16/2013
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Well, it's been 14 years. Bought it new in June of '99 because it was the "futuristic looking concept car that you could drive". The silver beetle really took the cake, spurred on with the commercial "Reverse engineered from U.F.O.'s." Now 14 years later, it runs and looks like the day I bought it. I wanted all manual - so I got the GL. It's hauled all kinds of cargo - kayaks, canoes, fish aquariums, metal house roofing, it even tows a small sailboat. Get the factory roof rack. Have it serviced by a knowledgeable dealer every year, and keep up on the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. No Problems, No Issues, just miles and miles of adventure and fun.

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Been 10 great years

trazy, 06/02/2013
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I purchased mine back in 03' from a dealership with 35k miles. I just crossed the 110k mark. So far I've had nothing I'd consider a "major" problem. At 90k miles the water pump went out. I also replaced the tensioner and belt. Yesterday it started misfiring bad and learned the coil pack had gone bad. I also replaced the spark plugs and the wires while having that replaced. Aside from that just changing the oil, brake pads, filters...etc. Only needing 2 sub $500 repairs in 10 years of ownership. To me, that's great. Little things have broke though. Switches, trunk latch, knobs. But those are little DIY cheap repairs.

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one tough beetle!

roman_capps, 06/09/2013
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At first the beetle looks girly and cheap. girly to some, but cheap only in cosmetics. for the 13 years of it's life it has been ragged out by a teenage girl and my father. Both have been over revved before they change gears. my father changes gears at 9000 or 90000 revolutions (can't remember) and it sends chills up my spine when he goes up hills. Not one transmission replacement to me that is amazing it sits at 195k miles. Rockwell is a great company, only in mechanical. The cosmetics on this car are absolutely cheap and plastic the entire door panel has been torn off. It's true how Volkswagen has been given to the beetle it is truly the people's car.

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1999 VW Beetle (2.0 Engine, GLS, Automatic)

hulahips2, 12/18/2012
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Love my buggie!!!!!!!!!! I bought this used with approximately 55,000 miles on it back in 2010. Now my mileage is @ 75,000 and it has held up nicely. My buggie can move when I need it to, stop when I need it too. Suspension is awesome! I can fit into any stall with ease. And i think the quality is top notch (excluding switches, etc.), however, the German glass is top notch, so is the body from rust and the door closes nicely. in fact I really like the way VW makes the doors close, that certain sound it makes! LOL I'm truly a VW believer.

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Love it so far!

Dangercart82, 09/13/2009
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Just got my 1999- cyber green- 2.0 -5 speed with 82k miles. So far I love it! For a 10 year old car it looks outstanding, (Cyber green faded slightly but that is to be expected) It had one previous owner and was well maintained. I had to replace the timing belt right away because it had never been done and the motor for the window/lock on the drivers side was dead (also to be expected.) The ABS light is always on, not sure if that's a big deal or not yet the brakes seem to work fine. Other than all that she is perfect :)

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In Love with the Beetle

Beetle Bill, 11/08/2009
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I bought this car back in 1999 drove it until our daughter turned 16 and gave it to her. She took it to college and her first job. I took it back when it had water pump problem at 100,000 miles. Otherwise the engine runs like a Swiss watch. A couple of buttons have broken but I figure that to be expected after 10 years. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

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My Review

Patman89, 08/26/2009
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I've had my 1999 Red New Beetle for almost two years now... The first year I never had any problems! But my car overheated and dummy me I kept driving with the red coolant light on for about 20 minutes on interstate 80. Luckily no serious damaged was done, but I paid $1100 for labor and the replacements. But I love my Beetle, I really want a newer one thats redesigned, I'm always jealous when I see them. I've been lucky to not have major problems. However, the sun visors on the top do not block the sun at all! The cup holders don't work well since it's under the dashboard. And I notice my seats are that comfy compared to a 2005 model and for long drives my back hurts.

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The Bug that just kept Going...

javbw, 06/01/2006
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I have a 1999 (2/24/99) GLS bug with 200,000 miles on it, and I drive the heck out of it. I drive it fast, hard, and occaisionally offroad. (get the sport springs). I'm very hard on the things I own, and the fact my Bug is still with me is a testament to it's inital design and early warranty recalls (window switches and a couple sensors back around year 2) - all the "bells and whisles" worriers can forget about it for their next car - and get auto door locks and windows already! All of my issues have stemmed from things thrown at my car on the freeway (rocks, ladders, etc) and as long as you keep up with the maintaince, shocks, and a failed engine sensor every year, you're good.

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I love my bug but some complaints

paul, 02/12/2010
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I believe as a VW lover you kinda don't worry about some of the problems/I have realized after owning 3 VW's that they have a lot of electrical problems and you would think they would get the hint and fix these problems. But...I bought my 99 bug used of course and it runs great/fun little 5 speed/love the dash/hate the dang cup holders/I agree with other review they stink due to not being able to get anything in the cup holders and when you do the holder comes off with the can!/and also it just feels like it should have a arm rest/but I have 2 kids and I'm surprised at how easy it is to get them in and out of the back/I do worry that it will tear up and I will not have anyone to fix it.

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Monday - Friday car?

li'l buggy, 08/25/2005
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I'd like to start by saying I love VW Beetles, always have but my little bug has given me a bit of trouble. Is it the year? Is it the day of week it was built? I have had to replace the cooling system ($$$), oil pan, airconditioner ($$$), both windows due to motor failure ($$). And the little things...fuel door won't open from inside, and knob to adjust outside mirrors is broken. It is also expensive to replace the headlights (poor design). I'm wondering if I should get another Beetle, and if Volkswagon has made any improvements in these cute cars. I love the way the Beetle maneuvers expecially on curves and in parking lots. Love to share info with anyone out there.

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