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2009 Jetta Wolfsburg

brishimmel, 11/14/2011
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I LOVE my Jetta. Before I started having problems with it I swore by VW and said my future cars would be VW's. Well in the past three weeks, that has changed. Once my Jetta hit 25k, everything went wrong. Check engine light always comes on, it has left me stranded two times in three weeks. Both times have been the fuel pump. The first time (3 weeks ago) the dealer said they replaced it, now I am doubting that they did. Now they are saying it is the fuel pump again. I called roadside asst which is still under my warranty and they charged me $250+ to have it towed to my dealer where I live. Again, love my Jetta but be sure you have $$ to fix it when it goes out of warranty.

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2009 Jetta problem vehicle

Dave, 05/29/2010
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Our car has been in the shop 12 times this year, and continues to have problems. VW of America offered $1500 toward a new VW, or $500 for all the service visits. The fuel system and front suspension have been rebuilt, and new problems surface daily. This is a German car built in Mexico, and is of poor quality. Also, when it runs, during moderate acceleration, the front wheels are overpowered. This causes front wheel hop that shakes the dash and prevents forward progress. The chassis can not handle the turbo engine. On the highway, the vehicle is very loud, lots of road, tire and wind noise. Another point, the dealerships Do not stock parts. pass this car up.

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BW loves his VW

BW, 12/02/2010
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I bought this car a month ago from Carmax and am very glad I did. I wanted did buy an imported car and was very pleased at the standard options that come with the S model of VW Jetta. The triptonic automatic is excellent, it has 6 speeds and has an S mode which is excellent at launching the car to terminal velocity at any street light. This car is very fast 0 to 30 and 60 mph to get on a highway. The gas mileage is great on the highway and gets at least 30 mpg. City mileage is disappointing around 20-22 mpg, but it makes up for it for being geared to go very fast. The trunk is HUGE! You have to see it to believe it. Its amazing how VW engineers did a tons of things great for this car.

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I love my Jetta, mostly...

Barnaby S., 11/13/2010
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I enjoy driving this car very much. I had a Toyota Camry before and that car was so boring to drive I didn't really enjoy going place, it almost put me to sleep. This car is a joy to drive, I get in it sometimes to drive just for no reason other than to drive. It does have more annoyances than I am used to however. It has many squeaks and rattles, which seems unusual for a newer car. Though the seats are very comfortable, and the interior looks nice, and everything is very easy to use, the car makes many noises that are disturbing. There are probably 6 or 7 different intermittent squeaks and rattles that present themselves regularly, very annoying.

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VW Jetta Wolfsberg

azaero, 07/05/2011
Wolfsburg Edition 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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One of the least reliable cars I have ever owned. The interior is cheap plastic that constantly breaks and the dealerships will not replace it. The glove compartment latch has broken 3 times in 60,000 miles and the center arm rest is broken from normal wear. The engine reliability is very poor. The struts have failed twice, the oil leaks constantly, the brake lines leak, the computer constantly says to"check engine," it requires at least 91 octane or it gums-up, the vacuum hose plastic parts fail and leak. I've put thousands into this car. Never again will I own a VW.

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