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A Workhorse with a High Quality Finish

Terris, 11/17/2005
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Although our 2003 Golf GL may not be very sporty, we found it to be the only small car that could adjust perfectly to us both (I am over 6 feet tall and my wife is just over 5 feet). We have driven across the country twice and made several other long trips, including camping. The stereo is outstanding! Maintenance is simple and cheap (only every 10,000 miles). The interior quality is better than cars twice the price. It may not be a sports car but its driving manners are perfect, even in the snow (without snow tires in our case). The safety features are incredible. We find its advantages simply crush its disadvantages. The Golf is a real giant of a little car.

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My Golf

Larry, 12/26/2005
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I have a 2005.5 Volkswagen Golf GLS 6 speed auto. This car is fast, fun to drive, and very comfortable. I realy like it. I feel it was a bargan given the equipment it came with. The cold weather package is a must in the north. My other car is a turbo diesel pickup so I am probaly not a good judge of the handling, but the Golf car is a real treat to drive and and seams to be put together very well.

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Best car I've owned

john Berthelot, 06/04/2006
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I was looking for a car for traveling back and forth to Florida and one that gets good fuel miliage. I have had a place for about the last four years in Delray FL which is 1,150 miles from my New Jersey home. I had a Mercedes 500 which by the way was a beautiful handling car. I watched SUV's back and forth and was considerating getting the Mercedes SUV. I researched the gas milage and price and decided not to buy it. Years ago I had a diesel VW pickup that I ran to death and got great gas milage. I looked up on the net the features and price of the new VW's and bought one.

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No good

rover, 11/06/2005
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My 2006 Volkswagen Golf has too many faults. Beneath that classy exterior and interior lies a medicore engine (at best) and shocking reliablity. So far, roughly 20 things have things have gone wrong wth my car, including the tire jack collapsing, two locks broken, and two engine misfires. I'm the only one using the car, so there is no evidence of heavy usage (why does the passenger lock break if nobody ever uses that door?) There is much too much oversteer when cornering, maybe because it handles very well and therefore you tend to drive fast around corners, however, if you want the car, get it with EPS (stability control) to avoid this problem. The fuel economy is poor - around 12 liters city, and 9 liters hwy.

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My baby

m33k0n, 03/05/2014
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I bought my Golf back in September, and I was struck by an Impala within the past week..Not sure on the damage yet, but the car did good and I was safe. Golf was a quick car, but the transmission liked to "clunk" when the engine wasn't heated up to 90 for some reason. It is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, and the seat is very adjustable (i'm 4'11" and it suits me very well!) the stereo sounds amazing compared to other cars I have drove in. (Kia Rio, Fiat 500, Ford F150). The car took to bump roads well. Handles well with sharp turns, and it's great in the snow. It's also been -30 here and it's still working fine.

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