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  • 2013 Chevrolet Volt Base in White
    66,774 miles
    Dealer:  (2)
    13.3 mi away
    Stock# 277291733

    Not Listed

    Don Davis Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram - Arlington / Texas

    Located 13 miles away from Fort Worth, TX

    Dealer Review:

    Very Bad experience. Purchased a used Dodge Ram 1500 May 2016. Paid $7,500 cash for the truck. Within a month I had to pay$1,300 for the end suspension to be fixed because of the Death wobble effect. Now in November 2016 the Truck has a blown engine. This dealership just wants your money. They do not care about you, they will sell you junk vehicles. Buyers Beware. I called once to speak to the service manager who was very rude, I told him about the situation and his only advice was for me to take it in to have it looked at but it would cost me $200. You got to be kidding me! Stay away from this place. Positive reviews on here are most likely fake because they are all female reviews.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2013 Chevrolet Volt Base with Tire Pressure Warning, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, Remote Start, Stability Control, Auto Climate Control.
    Transmission: Direct_drive
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    98 Combined MPG (N/A City/N/A Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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2017 Volt LT The ultimate commuter car
Alex from California,09/15/2016
I did a lot of research and test driving before I picked the Volt. I wanted to spend the least amount of money I could on commuting everyday but do not want to sacrifice the refinement, comfort, utility and fun of a new sporty sedan. This car fit the bill almost perfectly for me. First the money: The price of the car comes out to about the same as a Prius when you factor in all the incentives (dealer and government). In my opinion after driving them both I would pay $5000 more than for a Prius still feel I got a good value. If you usually would go under 100 miles or so between charges your energy costs are going to be lower than any other hybrid currently in the market with the Volt. Since my total commute between charges is about 50 miles I only use electricity, the cheapest energy available to me. In my area the power company also gave me a check for $300 (free commuting for a year!) and a lower power rate overnight when charging my Volt. Refinement and Comfort: The Volt does better in this area than the compact/sub compact hybrids like the Prius and C-Max Hybrids (that to me are just a chore to drive), but not quite as good as the larger Fusion and Sonata Hybrids. Ultimately this will depend on taste and what you expect from your car but for me I have been use to bigger luxury type cars for a while so this was important to me. The smooth quiet commute, technology and integration with my Android Phone (it has it for Apple as well) sold me. Utility: Paying only for cheaper electricity for my commute is great, knowing I could still go unlimited miles or over big hills with no hassle when needed is even better. This is what turned me off to a electricity only (EV) car. Also being big enough to fit all of my family (4) easily was also important to me, even though I would use this car almost exclusively for daily commutes and short trips around town. Finally the Fun: I think this is what put me over the edge with this car, it is actually fun to drive. Quick, smooth acceleration and reasonable grip (probably due to batteries creating a low center of gravity). All in all, it is my ultimate commuter car.
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