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Tale of Abuse and Durability

jb420, 03/26/2012
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I purchased it having been totaled, none of the damage repaired, zero maintenance done while pulling a contracting trailer every day for several years. I straightened the frame, replaced front suspension a-arms and installed a junkyard rearend, changed all fluids, timing belt, and water pump and proceeded to use this truck to commute up and down one of the steepest roads in the Wasatch range of Utah for several years. I then towed several heavy trailers across the rockies and cascades and proceeded to use the truck to access surf spots along the washington coast for several years...frequently driving in sand/mud/ and deep snow. It has 200K on it, is uglier than your mom, and runs like a top

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Sat for years.....

toyolawyer, 03/31/2011
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Recently got my 1996 T100 SR5 back on the road again after sitting in the driveway for 6 years. I couldn't bring myself to sell it. Fought my wife to keep it. Glad I did. I had to replace the starter and battery, to get it running again but mechanically it runs great. Forgot how much I liked this truck. I drove an element for a while, but gave it away to a family member and decided to drive my truck again. Its got 160K miles on it, but runs like new. I was surprised/relieved that the AC works great still.

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T100 SR5 4X4

Nick, 11/06/2006
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This truck is great. I added michelin LTX tires and front bilstein shocks, and wow what a difference. These trucks have had problems with front brake rotor warpage, so I put on a set of cryo power slot brand rotors and hawk severe duty/towing pads. The truck is now complete. I love the ride, handling and stopping power. Not a heavy hauler, but a super family vehicle.

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No better truck....for the $$

toyolawyer1, 10/16/2002
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I bought a Toyota after watching a couple of my crazy friends drive their Tacomas into the ground and they still kept going and going...Toyota is unbelievable. Next time you are watching a discovery channel show and you see some guy driving a truck in the outback..or in the desert...or in some place far away...chances are it is a Toyota...When an expedition team decided to cross the South Pole with a vehicle, what did they pick? A Toyota Landcruiser...super decked out...When you see cars broken down on the side of the road...chances are it is not a Toyota....Toyota Rules...

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Whata Bang 4 da Buck!

cubanrummy, 10/04/2009
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After careful researching, getting carfax(s), reading the forums, & looking at several T100's, I found this nicely cared-for gem w/126K miles w/the V-6 head gasket recall work done by a Toyota dealer with the previous owner. This truck drives like a car with a very tight turning radius. Front cloth seats are quite comfy even without lumbar support, all interior materials are excellent quality, plus the HVAC system works really well. All T100's were built in Japan by Toyota subsidiary Hino (they make BIG trucks & buses) & they were over-engineered to be rugged & tough...this vehicle was way under-rated & under-sold in the 90's...a real sleeper; I recommend it highly, & glad I got one.

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Greatest of all Time

longhorns209, 10/19/2011
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This was the best truck I have ever owned. My dad bought it brand new in 1996. It was the best money could buy back then it had all the bells and whistles. We took this truck hunting and 4-wheeling and nothing could stop it. In high school I out 4-wheeled everybody and people were so irritated because they had newer trucks with lift kits and big tires and I showed them all up. This truck got me to college and back for two full years. My pickup was recently totaled in an accident and sadly the insurance won't give me what it is really worth. This was the best truck I have owned or ever will own. This truck never skipped a beat in 15 years I will never own something this good again.

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Had great luck

dave, 05/26/2009
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Replaced radiator, starter, alt, ujoint, timing belt. Have 210000 on her and she's still running great...

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Shoud I stay or should I go

mik, 12/16/2005
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The new tundras are tempting, and I am struggling with the idea of staying with the T or moving on. I have been extremely happy with the old girl, with only the shoulder harness retention problem, pesky wheel stop noise, and occasional door lock issues as chronic problems after 118k miles, all logged going up and down the eastern seaboard. The last toy i owned was the 92 4WD pickup, and that was still going strong at 130k miles at trade-in. I owned fords and chevys before these two, and I will never go back.

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Worth it

Montana Mike, 07/25/2004
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I bought my T100 SR5 4x4 used in 1999 and have put 70K on it including two trips to CA. Very comfortable, even for a 6'3" knuckledragger like myself. No rust like the old days on Toyos and the plastic doesn't crumble under use like American trucks. The automatic tranny is good for hauling alto I'd prefer a stick. It has all the specs of a Tundra without a gas-guzzling V-8 and four doors without the price tag. Have owned T's for 20 years and plan to continue. Why can't the "Big Three" make vehicles like this?

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Ted, 12/31/2006
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I bought it new in 1996. Best truck I've ever owned. Never left me stranded. Sporty for a truck. Good acceleration for a 6. I've pulled a 19' fiberglass boat all over Fla in the summer heat and the tranny stills shifts like new. Can't beat Toyota.

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