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My favorite car ever

Kate, 09/25/2009
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In the last ten years I've owned a Subaru Outback, a Volvo wagon, a Honda Element, and now this little Rav, and it is by FAR my favorite car ever. I love the lumbar support in the seats, the Euro-style look of the dash and the way the dash lights dim automatically when I turn the headlamps on, the way my body is situated in the seat in relation to the windscreen and moonroof, the fantastic visibility, the way it maneuvers on the road, and that it can fit my whole family and I can still park in compact spaces in the city. Mine is the automatic L series with leather interior, sea foam green and tan leather, prettier than it sounds. I would buy it again in a second.

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Great car

Runner, 03/03/2009
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Fun little SUV. Handles well in all weather conditions. Perfect size car for kid to learn to drive and be safe. Small but roomy. I get 32 MPG around town.

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Love this car!

Erin, 05/03/2006
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I have driven this car for two years now and I can't imagine myself driving any other car! It's one of the safest out there, I can personally attest for its front impact safety, I'm still here and thankfully my car could be completely fixed and its as good as new! I love it, and recommend it to anyone out there! It's awesome for college too! Traveling back and forth on breaks all the time it's easy to fit all I need in this car, it's the perfect size!

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Happyowner, 07/01/2008
13 of 14 people found this review helpful

Best and smartest vehicle I have ever owned. Very reliable, economic to drive. The size is perfect fit to park in garage and parking spaces. Has great pickup when needed on the highway.Plan on driving this vehicle for long time. Would highly recommend this to any individual or small family.

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Solid Vehicle, Some Issues at 78K

Jerry, 09/13/2010
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Our 2004 Rav 4 has been a very solid performer and been reliable until today. At 78,000 miles (we just learned) the steering unit is leaking, the front brakes need rotors turned and pads replaced (2nd time). Also the water pump is leaking. All told - it looks like Toyota will charge $1200 to get things fixed. These are the first issues we've had, so I can't complain too loudly. Savannah Toyota has exceptional service and sales staff - so we don't mind supporting their business.

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cameron, 12/28/2004
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So far put 8600 miles no problems to report to date, Awesome fuel economy for the type of vehicle avg 26mpg. Typical Toyota fit and finish and quality. Previous Toyota had 180000 miles without breakdowns and parts from the factory are very reasonable certainly cheaper than our Honda, also lot easier to maintain, don't have to take half the dashboard apart to change the a/c filter like our previous CR-V.

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Comfort, Reliable, Safe and low maint

djay, 04/01/2010
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I was researching for more than 2 months for buying a nice preowned car. My search ended with finding this gem at a good price. First priority was safety of my family and myself. Full marks to this car for the curtain airbags, anti-skid and all wheel drive. In deep-snow,icy conditions this car feel very safe and secure to drive. Highly configurable interior. the second row of seats comes off giving you a lot of hauling area. Was able to get furniture for an entire bedroom from ikea due to this and saved a lot of $$. Overall fun to drive on weekends with the family. Seats are well supported and interior is luxurious

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Raves about RAV

Baldy, 05/10/2006
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It drives more like a sports car than an SUV. I can park where you can't. In spite of the small, nifty handling, I can get some amazingly big items in it.

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Love my rav4!!!

MYRAV4, 01/31/2007
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Traded in my smaller Corolla(which i loved too!) for something with more storage and head room for child car seats. Also appreciated the AWD! Wanted something with the similar features to my corolla and i got better!

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Gen 2 Rav nicer than Gen 1 but -Quality

Canada Rav, 09/13/2010
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I have two Gen 1 2L Manual AWD Ravs. This one is nicer. More room, more storage space, more comfortable, more power, quieter, better fuel efficiency (~ 500 km @ 50l on the 2l Gen 1's and ~ 560 km @ 50l on the 2.4l Gen2). The extra 0.4L makes a big difference. I especially like the way the engine compartment is laid out. Much more room to work on the motor. My only complaint is the drive by wire accelerator pedal. I find there is no fine control at low speeds so low speed creeping, driving is not intuitive. It is certainly a step backwards to go from cable to potentiometer with respect to feel and man-machine interface. BAD: The transmission vibrates in 5th under load :(

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