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My Beloved RAV4

Emily, 11/04/2016
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I owned this car for 3 years till someone rear-ended me and totaled it. Let me elaborate: I got hit by someone going 45-50mph, the back end of the car was completely smashed in, and I ended up hitting the car in front of me as well, bending the hood/fender a little bit. Despite this, I walked away with a little bump on my head. If that isn't a testimony to this car's safety, I don't know what is. I loved this car. It wasn't fancy, and I bought it used from a private party so there were some quirks to deal with: back door handle jammed sometimes, passenger side power window didn't always go up, and after a while the cruise control became finicky. But other than that, it's a solid and reliable car with an engine that will run forever. You can load this car up, too...we put bikes on top, camping gear in the back, and still had room for 4 people comfortably. Acceleration is a little slow but what can you expect out of an SUV with 4cyl. I bought it with 196k miles on it, and in 3 years put over 60k on it and only had minor repairs. (Other than replace the timing belt, which was overdue when we bought it.) The only major annoyance was the brakes, they worked great but screeched and squealed in colder weather. Only when the car was cold, after it warmed up they were fine. I took it to my mechanic and he said it was because of the back drums getting full of dirt and debris; they vacuumed it out but to no avail. But other than that, I really enjoyed my RAV4.

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Keeps on going after 320K miles

kenrk, 09/18/2012
Special Edition 4dr SUV AWD
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Back in 1999, my dad drove his RAV4L off the lot with 50 miles on the odometer. Today it has 320,000 miles. He still drives it everyday to work with no trouble. Throughout the years I've borrowed it to tow a log splitter and 20' foot sail boat. I've been in some crazy snow storms with the RAV and it did great. Took it over 100mph a couple times. Put kayaks on the roof rack. It still has the original exhaust system, starter, alternator, battery. Oil changed every 3k. A/C still works. Not a spot of rust. Just regular stuff like brakes, shocks, tires, and timing belt every 100k. I'm considering getting my own as a winter vehicle...just figured I'd share how great the Rav has been for my dad.

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Rav4 303,000 miles

Cat L., 08/08/2009
Special Edition 4dr SUV AWD
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I love my Rav4. I have to say I prayed over the car too and that helped. My Rav4 has 303,000 miles on it. I had it checked recently at Superior Toyota in Birmingham. I wanted it checked out and felt like apologizing for my mileage. The owner of the company said "It's a Toyota; that's what they do." It means so much to drive a car for years after paying it off. Besides regular things like brakes, tires, and oil, that you'd have to do for any car, I've only had one thing fixed;that was a timing belt, after it had 268,000 miles on it. I will definitely buy another Toyota Rav4 one day. My finance teacher said to keep a car until you no longer trust it. I still trust it.

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Love my little "beep beep"!

smokefan, 05/09/2012
Special Edition 4dr SUV AWD
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In 2007, I totaled out my 2000 Dodge Neon (good little car, too) and my brother and his wife gave me their 1999 Rav 4 L to drive. At first, it was a rocky relationship b/c I couldn't drive a standard...but once I got the hang of it, I learned two things: Standards are way more fun and this little truck is one of the best investments you could ever make! The truck had around 80K when I got it and I've put another 100K on it. The only thing I've had to do is replace the timing belt, which is an item you can expect to replace after time anyway. Other than diligent oil & fluid changes, I've not had to put any money into the "beep beep" and I think she'll stay in my family for years to come!

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260,000 miles, veryy reliable

akxel, 01/17/2011
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reliable car, good looking on the outside, especially with ski racks black on black paint. 260,000 miles on it and still running on, steering is not that great but hey its a toyota, no a bmw sedan.

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