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couldn't ask for more.

brandon1239, 12/28/2010
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I bought a Paseo from my girlfriends dad back when I was 16, I'm 20 now and still drive the car everyday. as it sits right now there is just a little over 240,000 miles on the original car! all I've done is regular maintenance, timing belt, water pump, things like that. Sofar I havent had any major issues and hope it stays that way. I change the oil every 3000 miles and in between changes I have to add about a quart of oil, not much for how many miles are on the car. there isnt anything special about the car, but it has always been there and never let me down and I'll keep it until it lets go, I've owned 3 other cars in the time i've had the paseo and still keep this one around.

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Paseo Driver, 01/26/2008
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This car has been a lot of fun to drive. I drove it a lot at one time and it never broke down on me or did anything to make me think that it would of. At first, I wasn't really for sure about buying a 1995 but it was cute and I needed a car and no way did I want any loans. But this car surprised me with its performance, it never gave me any problems but then again I took very good care of it. This car has come through a lot more than I would have expected it to be. I give it a very high rating.

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toyota paseo

qdrw66, 08/11/2002
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I owned the toyota Paseo for about 2 years now, and it is no longer in my possession, because of continues break downs I gave up on the paseo, I bought it used in college. The paseo runs to low to the ground especially a 4 cylinder car in New York will not last because of steep pot holes

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swbrogord, 03/01/2008
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There's nothing really special about this car other than a few things it really has going for it. It's a great commuter car for students, 2dr, great fuel economy, sporty interior, dirt cheap, Toyota reliability. I would go with this over buying a more expensive car. Saving money > turning heads.

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Why did they stop??

JennyN, 03/11/2002
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I always wonder why they stopped making the Paseo. It's small, yes, and really only a two seater as not even children can really sit comfortably in back...but it's fun, reliable, and I really love my car! It's never given me problems and even though I'm pretty good about routine maintenance, I'm not perfect! I still have a year left of financing and I'm not worried in the least that my car will still be running strong even after she's all paid off. 132,000 miles and no major repairs. Yea Toyota!

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Reliablity is the name of the game

Andrew, 02/16/2016
2dr Coupe
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paid 700 for this car a year and a half ago with 210k and have driven it everyday and other than getting oil changes every now and then, definitely not as often as i should have, this car has given me no problems. the check engine light has been on for the past couple months but she starts up and gets up to 70mph on the freeway every single time. very dependable. great for a student or first car cuz itll get you 25 mpg even in the city 35 on the freeway. i have put 20k miles on her and i know i could get her to 300k more but she wont pass smog but she still runs like a champ.

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Jason McGovern, 03/28/2002
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I have always wanted to own one of these cars. I almost bought one recently but I was approved for a new mazda 2002 protege(can't pass that up!). This is one of the funnest cars I've ever driven. I've had two friends who have had their's for years and this little thing gets going! Dont let the small numbers fool you (93 Hp, 100fp torque). Small cars don't need as much power to move! MPG is around 35 on a manual. Reliability is insane as it's a sporty tercel.

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