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Could not kill it!

themanindbox, 05/22/2013
LE 4dr Sedan
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Well, I owned a 99 corolla from new until 2005 when I sold it for 4 grand. At that point it had a little over 315K miles on it, didn't burn oil, no lights, and everything that was in it worked. I had to replace oil every 3k miles, but that is about it. It handled better then a civic, got better mpg, and was faster off the line, not to mention cheaper to insure. I would love to get my hands on a 99 corolla with a blown motor with the options I had in mine, it is a perfect candidate for a 2zz swap. I have owned over 18 cars in my life, and nothing on the planet will take a beating like a Toyota. Not Honda, and nothing American can come close.

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I love my Sandpiper!

taylorruckus, 10/15/2012
CE 4dr Sedan
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My great-grandmother bought this car new, and when she passed it went onto my grandmother, and now it's mine. With 265,000 miles on it, this car is so unbelievably reliable! I have never broken down. Its only problems are a leak in the power steering fluid (an $800 fix, but no problem if you just top off the fluid every other week), broken interior lights and weak door handles that break every couple of years. This car is such a ridiculous value if you need something that will get you where you need to go-- and I get at least 29 miles to the gallon, sometimes more.

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Love this car!

willkeepitforever, 08/22/2010
CE 4dr Sedan
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My husbands car has almost 200,000 mi on it and you just can't kill it! It just goes forever if you keep up with oil changes every 3k and proper maint. I just wish they would make it roomier for people up to 5'8" -6' tall. That is truly the only complaint. I am only too happy to get a small economical car that is a good buy! Not to mention tremendous resale value. I spoke to two owners that have sold their 1999 Toyota Corolla's between $2,300.00 - 3,200.00. Just goes to show the public still has confidence in Toyota! I used to be a Honda person, but switched to Toyota after two of my Honda's needed a Transmission at 180,000 mi. - Bye Bye Honda! Just bought two more Toyotas for my family

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Still the best!

Kelley King, 09/07/2015
CE 4dr Sedan
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I am on my 5th Corolla. Bought a 2004 because my 1999 was totaled in an accident. I love the roominess of this year, and it runs just as smooth and reliably as all of my other Toyotas! Have had the 2004 a little over 3 years now. Had no real issues, but just this week I did a complete brake job. The mechanic even said that my rear brakes were the original ones! Runs smooth and quiet, sometimes it's so quiet I can't even tell it's running. The brake job is the only major project I've done, but I was expecting to need it at some point so I did it all. Can't fool around when it comes to brakes. I drive in a city environment so a lot of stop-and-go driving. I am going to stick with the Toyota brand. It fits my lifestyle and my budget. Easy and inexpensive to maintain. Great on gas. It is showing it's wear now, mainly because people have hit it with car doors and what not, and one day I came out to find a big dent. But it's only at 137K and running just fine, I expect to keep it until 200K, like the other Corolla's I've had.

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This car is amazing!

rodnygil, 04/27/2010
LE 4dr Sedan
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I bought this Corolla for 500 dollars with 60,000 from someone who hit a tree and left the car to sit in an alley. I purchased a new front bumper, headlights and windshield and fixed the car. I am still driving the car 3 years later and have put 70,000 miles later. The car runs strong, I have only bought tires, oil changes and a battery. This car is amazing and is great on gas. The car is a bit slow especially when merging on the freeway but what does a person expect from a Corolla. I will buy another Corolla without hesitation. Thank You Toyota. I love my cheap little car.

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