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4 years in LA traffic...

hermesc, 05/05/2011
LE 4dr Sedan
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I've owned this car for almost 11 years (bought it brand new) and drove it for 4 years in stop and go traffic in LA before moving out of California. It's a great vehicle, very reliable, comfortable, and good gas mileage. Even at almost 170k miles, not much to complain about. I make sure to take it in regularly for it's maintenance at a certified Toyota dealership (it's well worth the slightly higher prices). Hoping to keep the car well past 250k, and there are no signs suggesting otherwise.

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Sad it's Dying

shanny720, 08/12/2012
LE 4dr Sedan
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My grandma talked me into buying a used 2000 Camry LE from a sporty car that I had been eying. It was the best decision made. It had 40,000 at purchase (2004) and how has 162,000. It has been reliable driving through MN snowstorms and flash floods. In fact, I've made it through snow where bigger vehicles had gotten stuck, and "puddles" where bigger vehicles had flooded. Few problems. The only reason why it's dying now is because I didn't change the oil every 3,000 miles. VERY important to keep up on the oil changes with this car!! I was hoping to keep it around for another few years. Make sure to also use Toyota parts.

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Family hauler for 13 years, still going strong

bond_fanatic18, 05/18/2013
CE 4dr Sedan
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My parents' third Camry and our family hauler for 12 years until my dad bought a Honda CR-V last July. Our Camry has been all over Eastern North America including the Maritimes (PEI, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia). I learned how to drive on this car and my mother drove it to work for several years. Never any problems, except a small rattle that started 2 years ago, goes away when the engine warms up. This thing is a tank! It has 144K (about 89,000 American miles I think) and still has tons of life left in it, barely any rust. I drove it to high school and as a high school (university now) student I love it, fantastic first car, will last forever, is a beast in the snow, and reliable as hell.

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Reliable, and fun!

tyylerr, 08/02/2011
LE 4dr Sedan
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I bought my camry new in 1999. It has been the most reliable car I have owned. It replaced my 1996 Lexus ES, and had better options, and was more comfortable. I've changed the oil every 3,000 miles, which is just about every month for me, I'm a. The 2.2i4 has almost as much power as my Lexus had! I've been in 2 accidents, only damage was to the front corner, and was cheap to fix. Replaced the timing belt, both ignition coils, and 2 oxygen sensors, and it still runs like new! 278,823 miles and counting! I plan on buying a new camry this week, deffinately keeping this one for my sons first car!

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Going, Going, Still going

bill knab, 03/20/2016
LE V6 4dr Sedan
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Toyota means reliability, not flash or gadgets. Do you want a dependable, efficient, safe car or a home entertainment system on wheels with ignition systems that can take your life like GM? March, 2018 I gave the car to my daughter and son in law and its still going at 200K! A few things don't work like power mirrors, an instrument dash light is out, but still no qualms about driving it dependability and safety wise. I wanted a sedan as my main trip car for long trips. With the V6 it was fun to drive and I didn't sacrifice too much in mileage. As of this writing Honda dropped the V6 in the Accord so that leaves the Camry and Altima for the family man who needs a family sedan versus a performance car but wants something fun to drive . The most recent Toyota Camry commercial with the family in the camry, deer and camper says it all about the target market.

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