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Crazy good, despite many small flaws
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By Ryan W


2018 Tesla Model X 100D 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)


A lot of the existing reviews online, including the 2017 and 2018 Edmunds reviews here are a little out of date due to the continuous improvements that Tesla makes to their production process as well as the after production updates via Tesla's amazing over the air update system. For example, the latest navigation and autopilot updates as of July 2018 make this car vastly superior to anything else on the road in these areas. Also, based on my model that was built in late 2017, the fit and finish seems to be slowly improving as well.

- As noted by many others, the handling and acceleration are better than any other SUV on the market. Driving a Model X feels like magic.

- Utility is excellent due to the huge amount of interior space, thanks in large part to the lack of engine and gas tank. Yes, there are no roof racks, but most of what you would put up on the roof can be stowed inside the cabin or in the fronk with much more convenience. For towing, the auto leveling air suspension, included tow hitch, and the vast torque allow the model X to easily tow just about anything. (Quantis just towed a 787 Dreamliner with a Tesla Model X for publicity). Technically though, the X is legally rated to 5,000 lbs and towing will reduce your range by roughly 20% depending on various factors, so you have to take that into account.

- Range provided by the 100D is fantastic at around 300 miles. That along with the Tesla charging network, road trips have been a dream.

- My favorite feature is Autopilot, which has gotten so good that I no longer want to drive without it. It feels a lot safer and easier to have both yourself and the car reacting to situations in real time. For example, if you look down for a moment and someone slams on the breaks in front of you, Autopilot will automatically slow down. I've also noticed that in dark, rainy conditions, Autopilot seems to be better at seeing the road ahead than I can due to the array of sensors, which was really surprising.

- The built-in Navigation is the best I've seen in any car by a wide margin. It's just like using Google maps on your phone, but built-in and easily visible on the huge display. The voice recognition works amazingly well too, meaning you can just say; "navigate to home depot", and it just works.

- The falcon wing doors are great to show off to your friends, but they are not practical. In a normal garage for instance, they can't open fully so you have to crawl under them to get into the car.

- Tesla's push button door handles require a lot of force to activate and are irritating. I'd personally prefer the 3% hit to range to get back regular door handles.

- My Model X was built in late 2017 and the build quality is clearly improving, but I did have a couple of small fit and finish issues that required me to drop my X off for repair immediately after pickup.

- The X is not an off-road capable SUV.

- The worst thing about the model X in my opinion are the seats. The Model X seats don't even compare to a top trim 2018 Honda CRV. My wife has a 2017 Lexus RX 450h which is half the cost, and the Lexus seats and about twice as comfortable and are much more luxurious than the throw away vinyl seats you get in the Tesla Model X. Since nicer seats can be be procured from the same vendors that make seats for the other car brands, it seems criminal to me that the Tesla Model X is so badly lacking in this area. If you get a Tesla, you will have the best car on the planet, except you will probably have the worst seats of any car in the $40K+ price range. The included "vegan leather" seats, seem to be there to placate PETA and other environmentalists that don't like leather being used in cars. I get that, but at the very least, vinyl should be standard and real, perforated leather, similar to what you find in every other nice car, should be an option.

Overall, the Tesla Model X is such a vast improvement over every other SUV on the market, it's definitely worth putting up with the small flaws to own one.

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