2021 Tesla Model X

Price Range

  • $85,000 (estimated)

Release Date

  • Summer 2020

What to expect

  • No announced changes, though Tesla regularly updates models throughout the year
  • Part of the first Model X generation introduced for 2016
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2021 Tesla Model X Review

What is the Model X?

The 2021 Model X is a large all-electric SUV that sits at the top of Tesla's lineup. The Model X offers up to three rows of seating and an EPA-estimated 351 miles of all-electric range in Long Range Plus trim. That's more range than any other fully electric SUV on sale today and only behind the Tesla Model S and Model 3 when it comes to EVs as a whole.

The Model X packs in some of the most advanced tech and driver aids available today, and access to Tesla's vast Supercharger network should help alleviate range anxiety. And while we may have mixed opinions about the usefulness of the rear falcon-wing doors, it does give the Model X a certain character that no other EV can match.

While no changes have been announced for 2021, Tesla regularly updates its lineup throughout the year, including over-the-air updates for cars already in customers' driveways. The automaker has hinted that its Full Self-Driving Capability may be available this year, though we have our doubts.

Edmunds says

The Model X is unlike anything else on the road. This three-row electric SUV combines space, utility, generous driving range and a unique character (hello, falcon-wing doors). We don't expect any major changes for 2021, though Tesla should keep the Model X feeling fresh with rolling updates.

Consumer reviews

There are no consumer reviews for the 2021 Tesla Model X.

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