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My Suzuki

christyj51, 12/08/2014
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I bought my little car in 2006 - she got 40 MPG and was the best car I've ever had - she had one owner before me and he must have taken good care of her. I writing this review because last week the ins. co. totaled her because we were rear ended by a 18 wheeler. I've tried to find a new/used Sidekick but there are not many left on the road -- after being rear ended the police officer pulled the drivers side quarter panel out, the car started and off we went to continue our journey still getting 40MPG. Unless you're a owner of one of these cars you don't understand the durability, I do, and I wish they still made them -- her engine was still good when towed -- how do you find a great car?

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I've moved up, but I miss my 'Zuki

Di, 06/02/2006
JX 4dr SUV 4WD
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I bought this car in '94 with 20,000 miles on it. It was in a head-on accident, two rear-end accidents and, finally, the insurance company "totalled" it after I was recently hit by a crazy person running an intersection. It was plain bad luck with all of them, but even after the last one, the car DROVE, with, as it turned out, the battery wonked out of its bracket and was laying on top of the engine. Most importantly, neither my husband or I were seriously injured. I just bought a '99 Subaru Outback and I like the features, but I wasn't "done" with the Suzuki and already I have to have the Outback's speedometer repaired...not to mention, it's a gas hog (though a 4-cyl. as well) in comparison. My grief is complex!

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I Want Nothing More Than My 94!

Hannah B, 05/26/2016
JX 4dr SUV 4WD
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My family bought our (now my) 94 from family friends in 2014. I've been driving it as my own for almost a full year and a half now. I did replace the stereo (nothing was wrong with the original) so that I could have bluetooth connection, USB plug-in, etc. All the "new-age" features. I will say that I did give it an "OK" on acceleration and shifting because 1) Acceleration depending on the slope of the road varies. 2) MY shifting need a little work due to my own stupidity when learning how to drive a stick-shift. It shifted perfectly before I got a hold of it! Prior to this car I was driving a 2014 Chevy Sonic, and then a 2015 Chevy Cruze (both my mother's that I was able to Taxi myself around in for sports). AND TO BE HONEST, I prefer the '94. I was driving it in a small town- so speed and keeping up wasn't an issue considering my biggest competitions and surroundings were highways. Living in a big city and driving on Freeways concerned me at first, but it does PHENOMENAL. The brakes are even better than the newer cars I've driven. I had an incident in the city with a truck; he rear-ended me going 45 mph. The front of his truck was bent up a little- my car had a little scratch and ran totally smooth without hesitation. I feel safe, comfortable, and absolutely love my Suzuki. My family and friends encourage me to get a new car- but until it becomes un-fixable- I plan on keeping it forever. :)

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My Suzie

Suzie, 12/17/2005
JX 2dr SUV 4WD w/Soft Top
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I bought my 1994 Suzuki Sidekick new, 126,000 miles ago, and I just changed the original tires, the spare was never touched! This truck was a work horse for 5+ years hauling office equipment spare parts in the back (back seat folded). It will go where other SUVs would bail out (size advantage). I only experienced normal wear and tear, did the 60,000 mile overhaul and nothing ever since! I like it but will have to donate it to a charitable organization. The engine is super reliable. If new Suzuki models use the same basic construction, I recommend them without reservations.

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Suprised Buyer

Charbal, 03/06/2003
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I bought this little truck because it was a very good deal. It was my first non-American owned car. I purchased the vehicle for basic transportation, a disposable vehicle for my wife. It wasn't long until I just came to love my Sidekick. I trust it to go anywhere, on or off road. It still looks new and cleans up great. I would not trade or sell my Suzuki, I will keep it as long as it runs.

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