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Surprisingly terrific

abqdad, 10/23/2005
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For the last ten years I have driven a Lexus LS400 and my wife has driven a Mercedes E320. Both are just as excellent as they are reputed to be. When it came time to get a new car I looked carefully at all of the "usual suspects" (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura...). They are fine cars, but none were interesting enough to get me to prefer them to the Lexus with 150,000 miles. Until I looked at the Subaru Outback LL Bean. We've had it a month, and I am still extremely impressed with it in almost every way. Great job Subaru! My list was: "Safety, reliability, comfort, utility, value." I don't know of anything else within $10K that can touch the Subaru.

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Solid Car

matt, 12/12/2005
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This is my first Subaru. It has a very solid feel to it, which I like. The interior is comfortable, and the sunroof is a thing of beauty. I love to bounce it around on rutted old roads while going fishing, and love how it handles in the snow and ice. I've always owned slightly larger cars, so it takes a bit of getting used to the size. The transmission is the only blemish I can mention. Going uphill it tends to never find its groove, keeps shifting up and down and up and down. Also it seems it takes the tranny a bit to warm up on cool mornings, it might try a clumsy double shift while accelerating out of the driveway.

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My 5th and Best Subaru

Poohbaru, 12/16/2005
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I have owned 5 Subarus now starting in 1984, progressed from GL Wagons with 4WD to LL Bean Wagons with AWD. They are the most reliable well built cars I have ever dealt with. I have friends with Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, just name it. The LL Bean in my book surpasses them all.

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Can't believe this is a Subaru

srhorn77, 10/13/2011
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I bought my 2006 Outback used with 78K miles. After 800 miles of driving, the weather turned cold and the tranny started slamming from 3rd into 4th. I took it to the dealer and they recommended I replace the tranny for $3400. There's also a rubber/oil burning smell when driven long distances. The radio and drivers window randomly stop working and the entire lighter assembly pulled completely out when I tried to unplug my car charger. This car must have been built the Monday after Superbowl Sunday before coffee. I'm so disappointed in this car. Subaru is supposed to be so reliable but I can't wait to trade it. The good is it does great in the snow. I had a 2003 Impreza and loved it!

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Comfort, convenience, and safety

Jerbear, 12/04/2009
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This is our second Subaru. The first was a 1999 Forester. We bought this one because it had better ground clearance than the Forester, was more roomy and looked better. Ours is a stick shift which we like because of the better control and because we tow it behind our RV on trips. We average about 21 mpg in mixed driving and around 29 mpg on the highway. Love the car. No problems aside from an alignment problem when new which was taken car of by the dealer. Wife is an EMT and HAS to be able to get through...this does--and does it very smoothly! We'll get another in a couple of years as well.

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