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Great driving SUV replacement

ivankong, 11/21/2013
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I've owned my 04 legacy 35th anniv wagon with 5spd manual since 2007. I bought it with 33K and it now has 58K miles. I had a Jeep Cherokee before this and it was not a good driving vehicle, nor was it good in the snow (surprisingly). I bought the legacy wagon because I wanted awd and some room in the back like an SUV, but I also know that 95% of the driving I do is on the road and I wanted a car that drives like a sports car. This car does that. I have a separate set of wheels with studded snows for the winter and when I have to drive in really bad conditions (I live in CO) I have no worries at all. Awd with manual trans and studded snows all around are great.

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4 Wheel Snow Mobile, and more!

CEC, 12/16/2003
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Impressive ! This is my first Subaru. I cannot fault this vehicle at all, it's wonderful. This wagon has a much better build quality than my Toyota Tundra. ( my trade in ) There is even a bit of the WRX growl in the motor, - Nice. My only regret is not getting one years ago !

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Not happy

dswiss, 09/09/2007
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Technically not a lemon, but awfully close to one! In 80,000 miles I've had a transmission replaced, three catalytic converters, three oxygen sensors, numerous cruise control problems, burning oil smell, creaking windows, etc. Finally got rid of it and found out that the trade-in value is next to nothing. But at least I am happy now!

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04 legacy anniversary edition.

L.Nork, 05/19/2007
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Some fit and finish problems notably the weather stripping coming loose. Also had to replace sunroof because of wind noise, all done by dealer with no hassle. Otherwise very dependable. Only expense has been gas, tires and brakes. No repairs.

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Problems after 55,000 miles

PeggyR, 11/28/2008
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I also had problems after 50,000 miles and just want to get rid of it. I also owned a 1995 Subaru before and it never gave me any troubles. My head gasket is cracked, have had transmission problems almost immediately and their is always something wrong with this car. It is sad because I used to trust Subaru as a quality car. It costs almost as much as a BMW to repair, so why not quality.

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