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Went from Infiniti M35 to Impreza and very happy!

rob3016, 12/11/2012
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We have had the Impreza Sport Premium about three weeks now and I am impressed. That is saying a lot after trading in my 2008 Infiniti M35. I decided the Impreza is a more practical car for our needs (late 30s with boys). Doubled our gas mileage. Enough room in the rear seat for two car seats and my wife if she chooses to sit there. Plenty of leg room. Huge cargo volume with seats folded down. Seat bottoms are longer than other cars for more leg support. Other's shorten the seat to bump leg room numbers. Fun to drive especially with paddle shifters. All wheel drive handling is fantastic, especially in the rain. This is my first AWD car and I am hooked. Very happy with my decision.

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Not what they used to be

Mary, 08/19/2015
2.0i PZEV 4dr Sedan AWD (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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I have owned 4 subarus, so I have some experience. Traded in my reliable 2009 impreza to buy the sporty redesigned 2013 with CVT. bad move! In two years, I have replaced 6 headlight bulbs. They blow continually. Subaru says this can be common. Ok, so not a great big deal, at least compared to my latest problem. 68,000 miles and the CVT is shot. Makes a loud groaning noise. Subaru says the tranny is bad- bad bearings. It's off of warranty at 60 k. Cost to fix $8000.00!!!!!!!!! Why should a tranny die at 68k? I'm a teacher. Don't drive on snow days, hardly during the summer, don't tow, do offloading and commute on the interstate, so no stop and go driving. They say extreme driving conditions can cause problems. Im not extreme, and isnt subaru billed as the most dependable take anywhere through anything car? Great advertising but not true? Needless to say I'm distraught and really disappointed. Nissan extended their cvt warranty to double 10 yrs/120,000k. Why is that? Be careful, and really research this. It is more prevent than is know and this has yet to be exposed as it should. Cars are just beginning to hot the 70-80k mark. Buyer be ware. I'm done with Subaru...sad about this, but the risk is too great.

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Good little machine

califchick, 09/29/2012
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I traded in my VW Jetta sedan a month ago for the Impreza hatchback. As the salesperson informed me during the "I'm still looking" phase, people buy Subarus for the "waist down" performance, as they lack many of the luxuries that other car makers add as perks. Having said that, the leather is good quality, the car handles very well (can't wait to get it in the snow!), and it's got a decent backseat and storage for the daily haul. Bluetooth and USB are decent, but stereo very generic. Controls are simple. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is interesting...takes some getting used to. One month in, and I'm a happy customer!

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Lots of noise

seafields6, 07/04/2013
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I have a 2012 @ have put 20,000 miles on it. This one has the deluxe stereo & $300 speaker option, which is good because sometimes you can actually hear some music above the engine/transmission noise when you're starting off & the awful tire noise all the time. Subaru apparently has no knowledge of sound proofing. They ruined the car for me by choosing these noisy low rated tires. Maybe I'll like this car once these tires are replaced with something better.

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This car will surprize you

stetson87, 02/27/2013
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This is my first Subaru ive ever owned. Ive been a Mazda fan for years due to its "zoom-zoom" factor, I test drove the Impreza and walked away ecstatic. I bought the 5speed manual over the CVT because I love to shift gears. The CVT gets better gas mileage. The AWD system gives you grip right off the line, no waiting for power to build. I rarely feel the need to redline just to merge onto the highway, just a blip of the throttle, downshift and your off. This isn't a WRX and shouldn't be treated as such. The interior is pretty simple but very nice materials. Its very spacious and four 6ft adults fit nicely in my sedan.

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