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Great kid car

Dcrespo, 10/23/2009
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I was looking for a car for my 16 year old son - required ABS, Airbags and AWD (we live in CO). This car has enough power to make it thru the mountains and gets 30 mpg. It holds all his hockey gear and it is easy to find tires and parts.

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Cheap & Fun AWD Car!

Matt, 02/24/2010
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I bought this car in September of last year to use as a winter car instead of my Mustang GT. I bought it with 93,000km on it and I now have 104,000km. Obviously, the car is GREAT in the snow. With 4 snow tires, you can pretty much plow your street with your front bumper and still not get stuck. The car is comfortable, but I find the seats somewhat stiff (base RS seats) for longer trips. Fuel mileage is great for this engine and AWD. I've gotten a best of 32 MPG on the highway in the Winter, driving 120 km/hr. I imagine 35 MPG highway is attainable in the Summer. Features are alright. The radio is poor - changing the faceplate helps. Parts are expensive (import). I'd buy another one!

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Impressive Impreza!

andrew, 02/15/2017
2.5 RS AWD 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I just bought my 2005 Impreza 2.5 RS 5 speed. I bought this car because i needed something that was good in bad weather especially snow. It had to be good to decent on fuel because i do some driving for work. I didn't want a blah car either and i didn't want to spend over 3 grand on it. well, i got the car with 157k miles for 1500 bucks! very clean in and out! one owner since new and serviced by the dealer. I have put about 800 miles on it so far and i have to say, I LOVE IT! We just had about a foot of snow and this thing was unstoppable! Handles really good , driving position is good, shifting is good though i think the shifter should be taller. Its comfortable and nice to drive. The engine makes a great sound, i dont think i have an after market exhaust but man does it sound great! The brakes are not that great. The pedal doesn't grab right away, you have to get your foot in it to brake. I have heard this is common with these cars. The interior is nice, plain jane but not dull looking at all. It gives you a sporty feel when driving it even though you know its an econo box. The seats are nice and just comfortable enough. The trunk is huge! Takes potholes and other road imperfection really well. The doors feel really light. I guess this is done for reduce weight and better fuel economy because of the all wheel drive system. The radio is horrible! doesn't not have good reception. The ac is ok and the heat is really hot! I some how find myself wanting to drive it more. Ive owned and own pretty cool cars and this subie is just as much fun to drive! There are a few things i have discovered that owners must pay attention to. Change oil regularly, change your coolant every 2 years and make sure your battery terminals have no corrosion on them. This is to help avoid the head gasket issues these cars have. This car had that taken car of including a new ac compressor. I read that it is best to use subaru coolant etc instead of your conventional coolants. I would recommend this car to anyone as long as you do your home work. Its the best alternative to owning a big, gas guzzling suv. It was between a subaru and a nissan xterra but i really do feel i made the right choice! I could have gone with a front wheel drive vehicle but i really wanted 4x4 or all wheel drive and this subaru in my honest opinion is the best choice hands down! Update: previous owner didn't replace timing belt tensioner, it slipped, ruined the heads. Luckly, my friend knew of a Subaru geek and the heads were rebuilt, ported, new valves, cleaned all carbon build up, cleaned pistons and piston walls, new belt and pulleys. Runs amazingly! More pep and pulls through out the rpm gauge. It's fantastic.......but I'm bored. Not enough performance. Not many blizzards here in new jersey so what's the point? Awd and fine tuned handling is a high plus on this car. I should have spent the money on the wrx.

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2005 Subaru Toy.

Carlos Juan, 11/18/2008
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It's a great performance bargain, bought mine used for $13,000 with only 37,000 miles. The car runs flawless 227hp, 24/28mpg and AWD makes this one of the best choices for a good all around car. Don't let the teenager car looks fool you because it can surely put a smile in your face. Excellent in city and highway. Easy to make most sports cars look like an economy car from 0-60 and all on a budget.

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My 2.5RS w/ sport package

JEFF CHEN, 04/16/2005
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I bought my white 2.5RS in March 2005. I love it. I drive it everyday. It is a practical car. I'm still breaking in my engine and shift up before 4k rpm. The engine sounds great even under 4k RPM, the ride is smooth, and the handling is responsive. However, the launch from zero of this car seems to be soft ( I guess it is due to AWD torque distribution), and the braking is soft too. The braking is acceptable but NO where near impressive. I may upgrade the brake in the future. You don't get WRX or STI from this one, but you got an Impreza, too. I'd proudly recommend this great car.

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A true driver's car

Stephen, 02/05/2005
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This is a car for anybody who loves driving and wants some performance to go along with utility. At this price, I do not know of any other car that provides this kind of performance and handling with 4 doors and all-wheel drive. This car puts you in a special community too: other WRX drivers on the road ALWAYS smile and wave at me! How many other Japanese sedans have that kind of following?

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Amazing car!!

ScoobyRex, 01/22/2009
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I bought my 05 with 15000 miles on it. Great performance car, with minor (about $1500) engine upgrades its at est 285hp/285 tq and runs with most cars on the road!! And I can still haul my daughter and a trunk full of groceries without a problem. I get 22-28 mpg AFTER being tuned to almost 300 hp. I have driven on horrendous winter roads with it (and Blizzaks) and it is amazing--more controlled and sure-footed than the 4wd Explorer I owned in the past. My only regret is not buying one as soon as they hit the US shores in 2002!

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WRX has No downsides

David, 03/30/2005
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I have a '05 WRX in World Rally Blue with 16 inch rims and this car has been so much fun. 13,000 miles on her now and no problems. All wheel drive really helped when a friend and I were caught in a snow blizzard. We never needed chains but I saw that mostly everyone else did; even those big full size and 1 ton trucks need chains on and in 4 wheel drive.

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Subaru WRX is a great overall car

WRX Fan, 04/10/2005
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The Subaru Impreza WRX is an amazing overall vehicle. It has great pickup, reliability, and styling. For the money I give this car a 12/10. I have had no problems and enjoy driving my 5 speed Subaru everywhere. It always feels good when you see everybody else looking at your car and giving you the thumbs up. The Subaru is a great buy because of the price, safety, and it is fun to drive.

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Prime "hidden" sports car

Dr Z, 07/08/2005
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Exceptional covert turbo station wagon. Greatly priced for the performance and features Subaru offers. Slight lag when below 3000 rpm and turbo seems to fail when in 5th gear. Good overall visibility, good comfort (driver's seat could be a bit higher for better visibility, esp. over hood scoop), handling is by far the best and smooth, center of gravity is slow and makes the ride feel extremely safe, sound system quality excels, fuel economy is good but fails with A/C and turbo acceleration. Interior room is larger than expected. Updated exterior is stylish and yet subdued. As my second Subaru purchase, I am more than satisfied with the Subaru quality of AWD and exceptional service.

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