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Words Cannot Describe How Much I hate this car

ihatemysmart, 01/31/2014
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Since I have owned this car, the battery died within the first year, random pieces of plastic have fallen off, it has had numerous transmission "software" problems that have left me stranded and ready to walk away from it, the engine blew at 23,000 miles, AND NOW it has yet ANOTHER transmission problem that the service department can't figure out -- I can't get it to shift out of Park when it is cold! THIS IS A PROBLEM! I tell everyone I see when I am at the dealership, I tell everyone that ever asks me about it. The guy in the parts department even agreed with me: "Yeah, I have never heard of a car having that many problems in that combination."

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Ativan, 01/24/2008
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It is time to reduce America's carbon footprint. This is the first import I have purchased. Unfortunately, the domestic companies do not get how to make small cars. The smart is fun to drive. Surprisingly peppy. Extremely easy to park. They have made use of all of the very limited space available. When inside, you feel like you are in a much larger car. The fit and finish is spetacular for a car that is only price in the teens. I am 6'2" and have plenty of room.

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58000mile valve job

notsmart, 04/18/2012
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58000 miles and had to replace fuel it needs a valve job. 58000miles????? are they kidding me. every time i bring it to smart they break something. changed a tire and they broke the sensor. had an oil change and they broke the valve. got it back from service and they forgot to put on the engine cover. now it took them more than 2 hours to diagnose low compression in #2 cylinder..remove engine and try to do a valve job. with out changing the guides. now they want to replace the head because they don't know how to redo the heads. is this on the jobs training with my car. also had the no reverse shift problem in the past. smart does not want to help. buy a new one ..yeah right!

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Lies and and verbal promises

michael, 10/21/2010
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We were one of the first people (71/72nd) in Florida to buy this car 28 months ago. We bought the convertible with all the extras 24k total from the start we started having mechanical problems. We also bought an extended warranty $1400. Time after time the car was having to be towed and it wasn't just one thing. It was the shifter twice the engine twice the a/c and it goes on and on. The car is now broke and sitting in our yard with 30k miles. The warranty doesn't cover transporting the car after 24k. This was after a sales person assured us the if anything go wrong including the tires for 70k miles it will be towed and fixed at no cost.

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Don't buy a 2008 dealer buyback = LEMON

Cindy, 11/30/2010
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Really disappointed with this car. Yes it's fun to drive, great to put the top down, and yes its cute- however when I went to trade it in- it turns out that a dealer buy back = LEMON in the car world. Thus- hideous trade in value. Shame on you Annapolis Smart- Mercedes. Buy back = Lemon- run don't walk from the 2008- check the title history, if you see dealer buy back look elsewhere unless you plan on keeping it forever.

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