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SCION tC x3 @ 56yrs old

SCION tC x3, 10/25/2010
19 of 19 people found this review helpful

I've had a 2005, a 2007 and now a 2011, Magnetic Gray Metallic. The 2nd gen is RADICALLY different from the 1st! Some things std on 1st gen are gone replaced by others. The std 18" wheels are STUNNING! The new seats and fabric are AWESOME! 6 spd transmission (mine's auto) with std on/off trac control, 'conventional' dash design but TASTEFULLY done with a thicker flat bottom steering wheel. The optional rear spoiler is an awesome MUST have, it finishes the more aggressive looking car PERFECTLY! Mileage so far has been better than the ratings and I DON'T drive like your Grandma.

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Its a "Sport-ish" Car

cowa11ski, 12/30/2012
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I bought this car used after a leasee returned it to the dealer. My initial impressions of the car were favorable. The seats are supportive and the 6spd is smooth. This achieves exactly what I think Toyota set out to achieve with this car being a "my first sports car" type car. After putting some long highway miles on it there are a number of things that started to creep up on me that wouldn't have been apparent to me in the test drive. The first is the quality of the interior build. The bass from the radio rattles the panels around the window control buttons. I'm not sure I'b a big fan of the vinyl sunroof cover either. The exhaust note may or may not be your thing during a long drive.

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Excellent quality, price, & fun to drive

thegreatga, 11/13/2010
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I purchased this 2011 w/6 manual in magnetic gray with rear spoiler (spoiler made the purchase point for me). After looking at a 2010 & 2011, the interior blew me away for quality, and style for the new 11 vs the 10. The new engine and drive train and hands down better than the 10. Driving the 10' seemed to be like a driving a turd. And the while the 11' is most certainly full of power, it still isn't a SPORTS car. The improved width made comfort hands down top notch, and while I'm 6'1" and a huge dude, i feel comfortable in the back seat, something rare for a two door. The 6 speed manual is smooth, and the gears fall into place naturally, without fumbling.

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A new tC

Vince, 10/15/2010
12 of 12 people found this review helpful

I've had my 2011 tC for about two weeks and there are some significant changes from the two previous tCs I've owned. The 2011 is a bit larger with more interior room and the six speed automatic transmission makes it more fun to drive in the sport mode. However, it does not seem as responsive as the previous tCs, perhaps because of its larger size. One big improvement is the gas mileage. I've been averaging between 30 to 31 miles per gallon around town. On my other tCs I never exceeded 30 MPG even on the highway.

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I own one

tcelikel, 10/04/2011
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Can't stand when people review a car that aren't driving it everyday, so I thought I would add a few comments. Don't buy this car if you are looking for a sports car. It's not. Buy this car if you are looking for a much more attractive looking 2-door Corolla with a tiny bit more juice and a lot of extras. For only a couple thousand dollars more than the Corolla, the decision was easy for me. The only reason I gave it a 4 performance wise is that it seems like Toyota markets the car as 'sporty'. Sporty looking/feeling yes, but not a sports car. For commuters, the performance would easily be a 5. Nothing wrong with it.

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decent car for the money

vickat, 03/17/2011
8 of 8 people found this review helpful

Bought TC'11 1 month ago, now have >3,000 miles on it. After having driven RSX for almost 8 years, needed to adjust to TC. TC feels larger and heavier than RSX, steering is lighter. Turns need to be initiated, while RSX turned effortlessly. That said, TC seems to to be quite a decent H-back, even tossable, with plenty of room in the back, and good gas mileage.

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Great coupe

Lou, 10/16/2010
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Just had it one day. It is a very roomy coupe, comfortable with supportive seats. I may look into upgrading or replacing the center armrest with a padded version. The dealer installed fog lights and it dresses it up. I also had blue tooth installed and have the Alpine head unit which is upgradeable with nav. and has a good size touch screen display. Dealer installed options seem fairly priced. The manual shifts well, the hydraulic clutch will take me a few drives for me to get used to. The uptake is numb. Steering is on center but can easily veer into oncoming traffic if you are not focused on your driving. All in all, a nice sporty coupe for a retired guy.

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Great looking coupe

Lou, 10/19/2010
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

Had my tC for 5 days and, after driving my 05 Mini Cooper w/ sport suspension, I'm beginning to settle in with the Scion. Handling and ride are very good, the steering, though somewhat light, tracks right on center. Corners well, brakes are superb. Haven't pushed it too hard, but the reserve power is there if I need it. The manual trans shifts smooth and gear changes are easily executed. I appreciate the new style for its looks and practicality. Perfect vehicle for my wife and I who are both retired and love to do road trips as well as ski the North East mountains. I've received compliments on the car for its attractive lines and roomy interior.

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TC For Toyota Coupe.

mikey_day, 06/24/2012
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Aggressively styled exterior, although not sure what to make of the dash materials them coming off as a coated plastic, nothing felt cheap nor did I feel slighted in the least. This is a fun point a to point b vehicle with some extra curricular teases. This car was too easy to fall in love with for what it was and hard to hate for not being what would cost another 4-5 thousand green backs out of pocket to get. If you’re looking for sporty DO NOT LOOK HERE. But if you’re looking for a convenient, stylish way to get around without sacrificing efficiency or your pocket book this should be in your considerations. Overall this is a Toyota and its drive, comfort and lives to that name.

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2nd Car and it will last a while

Michael, 07/14/2015
2dr Hatchback (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
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This is my second car, now be it the first one was a 2006 Corolla and this car will last awhile. I have had this car for over two years now and have only had a minor fix on my sunroof. This car isn't that sport, but it is exactly what you get for the price. The back seats have surprisingly a lot of room. I have fit two people at the same time that where 6 '5 and they where comfortable. The speakers are very nice stock. Most people invest money into speakers that sound worse.

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Fraley's Review

harold fraley, 10/17/2010
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I took several trips in this car. I love the way it handles curves and turns on a dime. The car also has some pep that i really admire.

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New 2011 Scion tC

clb, 10/18/2010
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Just traded our 2007 tC for the new 2011 tC and so far we are very pleased. Went with Concrete color. Happy with the performance, ride and gas mileage. Love the new interior look. Just a few things they changed that I am not happy with. The headlights do not shut-off automatically as they did before. The windows do not automatically go up and down with just a "flick" of the switch. You have to hold it the whole time you open/close it (safety issue?) Also found odd that there is only one (1) back-up light that works. This is the way it was manufactured - I am having people tell me one of my back-up lights is out now. These changes could not have been that big of "cost-savings"?

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tC = terrible choice

subytrojan, 12/09/2010
8 of 35 people found this review helpful

The new Scion tC seems to be the same car in a new wrapper. The 2.5L inline-4 doesn't provide enough power to make this car feel sporty. The huge C-pillars present the driver with large blind spots. The large rear quarter panels also make the car look longer and heavier than it needs to be.

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