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One of the Great Cars ever !

Gerry, 03/28/2006
CSE Turbo 4dr Hatchback
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The Saab 9000 CSE Turbo is one of the great cars ever. Key in the console, jet-fighter inspired interior and plenty of power under the hood. The last of the classic Saabs. But a constant pedal pressure is necessary to get the greatest turbo effect. But for a luxury ride with Saab excitement in every ride, this is a classic and I still miss mine, three cars later. Doesn't have the greatest reliablity, but I still would drive it today.

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Saabs save lives

eliteboi, 02/04/2012
CSE 4dr Hatchback
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I've owned this car for 8 months. I've had and driven so many cars over the years i've started to lose count. A Saab 9000 has always been on my list of cars to buy. Why would I specifically want this model? A CSE over an CS or Aero? Well, that's simple cheaper insurance then an Aero but almost the same power. Last week while letting my friend drive my car, we swerved to miss a dog, hit a median and took out a sign- going well over 50. We DROVE away without a scratch on one another. The car, took most all of the impact. 9000's are more reliable then most other Saab models, and I can attest to the safety of the car. The awesome gas mileage, amazing acceleration and it handles very well.

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Beniasky, 02/25/2010
Aero Turbo 4dr Hatchback
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I just bought this car and I LOVE IT!!! Its very roomy and can fit my kids in the backseat and not have them touching each other... well without them being forced to touch. I've been getting around 40+ on my M.P.G. and gas OMG i went almost 300 miles on 1 tank of gas! wasn't gonna push it, i still had 1/4 tank left when i filled it up. there needs to be more cars like the Saab!!!

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Great Ride

arbeaner, 07/19/2008
CSE Turbo 4dr Hatchback
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This is my second Saab 9000 and I would recommend it to anyone. The car rides nice, plenty of performance, fair gas mileage (I get about 24 m.p.g. with a mixture of highway and city driving), great sound system, and it gives you a unique style as there aren't that many of these cars left on the road! This is a true Saab, pre G.M., and it brings all of the Saab performance and safety features that you could want to the table!

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RPbrit, 05/08/2002
Aero Turbo 4dr Hatchback
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Wonderful to drive. All the power you can want with no turbo lag. Interior like a First class airline seat.

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