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oil and coolant mixing

Bruce Gray, 11/22/2009
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My car at 8 years of age, but only 39,000 miles developed mixing of oil & coolant. There is no fix except a rebuilt engine ($14,000) from Porsche. One mechanic stated ran into problems needing parts on teardown that Porsche wouldn't supply. Turns out my problem not unique, Could not find one mechanic (coast to coast) or PCA or other tech advisers who had any other fix. Do your own research before buying any Porsche with M96 engine family which includes all Boxsters and 911's from 1999 through 2008. Bruce Gray, Roadrunner Region PCA

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Impboy, 05/08/2010
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When I got this Box 2 1/2 years ago, I had just finished driving a 1994 Honda Civic 220,000 miles from brand new. It was time for a new car. I love my Boxster. It's not the fastest car around but it drools every time we find a twisty back road. This car sticks like glue and I never feel out of control even in forced slides on wet pavement. (Hey, gotta have some fun some times!) I've taken it on long trips (over 600 miles in a day) and I have no back ache even though I'm 6'2". If you're thinking about getting one, do your research and get one now! I'm sorry I waited so long to do it myself.

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A Geriatric Buys A Boxter S

Mortimer Levy, 03/05/2004
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At 75 yrs of age, a Boxster S was the last thing I had in mind. Contemplated an Audi A6 and saw this little Lapiz Blue sculpture on the showroom floor. I had to have it before I die. Have never regretted it. Have owned exciting cars all my life but nothing like this. The design and performance is a tribute to man's quest for excellence. I hope they never change the shape, the Taj mahal,'s eternal.

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No regrets - Love my Boxster

az66bug, 08/05/2013
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I bought this car almost 4 years ago with 36,000 miles; I was concerned given the age but I've wanted a Porsche my entire life and couldn't resist the deal. I did buy a 3yr warranty but canceled it after learning most everything I was concerned about was not covered and considered maintenance items - I was refunded $3000.00 and best thing I ever did. My Boxster just hit 45,000 miles and I still smile from ear to ear when I drive her. No major problems outside of routine maintenance and yes, they are expensive to maintain but your driving a Porsche guys, not a Chevy.... Just had the 45K service done, costed $1400.00 but I had all the pulley's replaced because 1 was squeaking. BUY ONE

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M96 engine class cars

Bruce Gray, 07/26/2009
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Great car. Owned Porsche's for 35 years until this car began to mix coolant and oil. NO FIX except rebuilt engine. Discovered not unusual. I will perhaps buy a Porsche again but NOT with M96 engine (1999-2008). NO help from PCNA or Porsche even for car with only 39,000 miles. Since average Porsche owner drives 6,000 miles a year, cars are usually out of warranty when the trouble strikes. Problem seems that no mechanic wants to take the engines apart, so only fix is $15,000 factory rebuilt engine. There are estimates out there suggesting 20% of this engine group cars will fail before hit 100,000 miles. Kind of like playing lottery to buy one. Ask a few mechanics about this!!!

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