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Best Of The Best

Rick, 02/07/2009
2dr Hatchback
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I have owned many, many cars and trucks over the years, but this one takes the trophey! This lil car has served greatly and now I am givining it to my Son in law to use because his car has died and he needs a good dependable car to get to work and back. I was the second owner of the car and for paying $5000 for it back in 1998 was alot to me, but as I look back now, well worth every penny. I never had a problem with it! it had great power and super gas milage (35 mpg) with that 5 speed... It handled great! Kept it tuned, changed the oil, and gave her a bath, and she treated me well! Even in the Sub-Zero temps in Wisconsin, Started every time. Now I passed her on, and she continues........

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Plymouth? More like Cadillac of Cars

Paul Baldasi, 02/09/2010
2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car to get me too and from work with 112 000km on it. It skips into 2nd gear with big whine on the tranny. It dosent always shift into 4th gear if I can get it up to 80km/h that is. It has always gotten me to work on time thou. Only had to replace one radiator and there does seem to be an alignment problem causing odd tire wear on the front wheels. Currently still driving it with 170000Km+ on her.

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sundance value

DJ Kenney, 02/27/2002
4dr Hatchback
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Very reliable. 4 cylinder engine economical. Drivers side air bag. Interior in good shape. Exterior, good. Very minimal rust, no accidents, front left fender replaced, back into when parked. Now at 141,000 miles....

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She won't die!

esteroids3, 05/31/2009
4dr Hatchback
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I bought this car to help a friend that was moving, never meaning to keep it. That was at 140,000 miles. Now at 199,640 I'm still amazed that she won't die! Oil changes, plugs and belts, plus an alt., a battery and a new timing belt--in 6 years. Cold starts at 20 below 0 (she's an Alaska car). Great beater, starter car, whatever--and still gets 27 mpg!

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they killed this car

shina, 04/14/2002
4dr Hatchback
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It probably was a good vehicle at the time. I have owned numerous Plymouth vehicles before and none ran this badly. The head was cracked in 4 places then the catalyc converter went kapoot. Maybe it was where I bought it from. Although it started everyday this winter.

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