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Great car

morin1, 11/02/2012
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I purchased this car new and wish Olds was still around making them. Great handling and milage, looks nice and is very comfortable, love it. The only problem it had was several years ago freon leaked out...they found the leak and fixed it at a small cost. Very happy I purchased an Intrigue.

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Old Used Car, ran like new, total led by tree

kjreinha, 11/21/2013
GX 4dr Sedan
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OK, So I found one that really was owned by an 80+yr old couple. Our just bought, 62k miles Intrigue, really shocked me with it's smooth performance, handling, acceleration and ride. I cleaned some carbon off the BTRFLY valve in the throttle body because the pedal was a little sticky and dropped in a new PCV valve ($3) and this car runs again like it is brand new. Dealer had all the records and showed only typical maintenance, OTW all original. I am not partial to any brand, and this was used, but I have been very impressed with a 14+yr old car running this well and looking this good. My highschool kids feel pretty lucky to have such a nice car to drive.

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Oldsmobile Intrigue GLS

gudnason100, 05/06/2012
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I bought my Intrigue in 2003 off lease with 60000Km (36000 mi) it now has 306,000 km and still running great. Everything still works power windows, sun roof, heated seats, power seat and leather seats still good. Rebuilt transmission last year which only cost me $2200, fuel sensor problem is caused by additive in certain gas. Use Shell and you will never have an issue. Replaced flywheel about 5 years ago with a used one. Lots of available used parts from wrecking yards which keep the cost of repair down because GM does not product a lot of parts for the Olds anymore. Northstar engine is still very strong, no rust although I do undercoat it annually.

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Probably the best car I have owned

tangerinepug, 07/15/2012
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I am the third owner of this car. I bought it from my father, four years ago, prior to that it was a rental car. In the past four years, only one time have I put the key in the ignition and turned it, did the car not start! Just for that reason, the starter went out. I might add that this girl has 197,000 miles on it. My brother, a local mechanic, says I can easily get 250,000 out of her. She has always burned a little oil, and I am not as diligent on the changes as I should be. I have replaced a few minor parts, which is not a big surprise with the higher mileage.

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Best Car for the money

carguy140, 06/02/2011
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Hello, I have sat here for a while and read all of the reviews on this site. I am at a crossroads with my intrigue. This car has by far been the best investment I have made in a vehicle. I purchased my intrigue as a lease turn in at 31,000 miles back in 2003. What really caught my eye about this car was the mix of styling and handling.Well I am happy to say I have had a very good experience. My intrigue today has 188k miles, other then 2 wheel bearings, 1 at 110k, 1 at 133k on other side, and 2 window motors this has been reliable and still runs great! MAINTAINANCE is key to any vehicle, change your fluids and these cars go a long time. My crossroads is what to buy now as great as this was?

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