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Terrific Used Car Purchase! Really Impressed!

keltam2, 09/01/2011
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I bought my 2000 Bravada used in the winter of 2008 with 65,000 miles, and was terrified about all the bad reviews I'd read. Luckily this has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned - I replaced the ABS on one of the wheels a few weeks ago. Other than that, its just been routine maintenance! My recommendation - try one out for yourself. I think it all depends on the vehicle. Mine has been terrific to drive - in snow and rain, and has cargo space like crazy! Wish it got better gas mileage but I can't think of any other complaints! It's such a fun car to drive and own!

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Bravada Going Strong 18 yrs and 235K miles

Wayne F., 12/29/2017
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I bought my 2000 AWD Olds Bravada as a left over in November 2000. Over the years it has had the normal repairs (brakes, shocks etc.) but overall has been an extremely reliable vehicle. I have had two 4WD Blazers before this vehicle and they could not begin to compare. Even after 235K miles this car stills handles and rides like a new car and, most importantly, when I leave home I know I will get back home safely in all kinds of weather. The only problems I am encountering now are due to its age and the fact that this vehicle has been used through 18 winters in NE PA and has been exposed to tons of road salt especially on the PA Turnpike. After last winter I had to have the brake lines all replaced because they had rotted but I certainly can't blame the vehicle given the mileage and heavy winter use it has had. I really love this car and don't look forward to the day I have to replace it. If I had to pick one negative aspect of this car it would be the gas mileage. Usually around 13-14. The best I ever get is maybe 20 on a trip.

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Not so good

kenb268, 12/05/2011
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Having own mostly GM vehicles Chevy Cavalier and S10 PU was very disapointed in this vehicle constanliy repairing vehicler new hubs upper and lower ball joints about 80,000 miles at about $12000.00 to fix parts and labor (GM)encoder sensor and crossmember beam that had rotted out about $1000. to fiz (GM) Raditior blower moter for heater and ac went $$200.00 fixed myself.Wouln'd use aftermarket parts. Raditor went after 1st year no warranty had it fixed at dealer about $500.00. Had tp replace fuel pump 3 times after original wnet (again don't use cheap aftermarket parts better off with brand names.they were covered under warranty Amen still cost about $800 for replacing the 3.

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Take care of stuff and it will last

I love GM!, 12/15/2008
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I am not sure why people are writing bad reviews on this vehicle. I bought my 2000 Bravada in 06 with 120,000 miles on it. the truck was very well taken care of and in good shape. The only thing I have had to do to it was replace the fuel pump. I am currently at almost 140,000 miles and still running strong with no problems. I am a firm believer that if you take care of something it will last. Maybe they bought one that was not properly maintained or really dont know how to take care of a vehicle. There is more to it than just changing the oil. So in closing, I have loved my Bravada. Kind of a poor man's Escalade.

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Why GM is failing

Chrs, 08/10/2008
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This has been the absolute worst car I have ever purchased. A complete money pit and lemon since day one. A car that was bought with only 60,000 miles has had these problems all within a few months of purchase: A/C failure, alternator/belt tensioner failure, wiper motor failure, emergency belt failure, transfer case leak, excessive belt squeal, CV joint failure, and numerous other problems. Save your money and buy a reliable and dependable Japanese car. At least the Japanese take pride in there work. I am now only going to buy Nissan, Toyota, or Honda vehicles.

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Love driving but it has many problems

kb1105, 12/01/2008
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I bought this truck as a family vehicle and it's not reliable at all. I bought the truck for 7 grand and I've replaced almost everything in it. The transmission went, then the gas pump, then the radiator and so on. I've had this truck for a 2 years now and I've driven it only probably 4 months

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Decent For the Money

Matt, 01/04/2009
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Paid $3000 for it with 150K miles. For the most part it has been good. I wasn't looking for a luxury vehicle for winter use but the price was right. So many bells and whistles that I'm not used to. Engine is a little sluggish and the tranny has its quirks... fluid change helped. I get around 15MPG which isn't bad for this type of vehicle. AWD works seamlessly, no buttons or levers to worry about. I don't think I will ever get it stuck. I was able to fit around 35 large size computers from the early 90's in the back with the seats folded. I know sometimes Bravadas are troublesome, hopefully mine stays reliable. So far, the driver's window motor just died and the CD changer never worked.

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Loaded Winter Beater

Matt, 01/19/2009
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Bought this truck with 150K for $3000. Didn't want anything this loaded but the price was right. The only thing I have done is change the tranny fluid/filter. Driver window just went out and the CD changer never worked. So far it has been great in the winter. I love how the AWD doesn't require any driver input. This can hold a lot of cargo. I once fit 35 large PC's in back. Interior is laid out nicely with the exception of the CD changer which eats up the console. There are plenty of squeaks and rattles but it is 9 years old with 153K miles. I get around 16MPG on dry pavement but mileage drops a bit when the AWD is being used a lot. The heated seats are a blessing in the cold PA winters.

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Bravo 4 my Bravada!

darkangel1, 08/22/2005
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I usually don't get anything but base model cars, so when I found this Platinum Edition Bravada, I wasn't sure if I should buy it, until I drove it! It handles great, and is so very comfortable! I had a Chevrolet Suburban before this and I am loving the gas mileage that I'm getting! Especially since I'm still getting all the good things I needed out of a vehicle, like 4 doors and loads of cargo room..and the heated leather seats. They are a very welcome addition in winter here in New Mexico! My a/c goes from "sahara" to "icicle" in less than 2.5 mins! yes.."Bravo 4 my Bravada" !

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WOW! I Love This truck!

Lizziebaby2k, 10/13/2006
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I had to literally "break down" and buy another vehicle after my Blazer held up a Do Not Resuscitate sign after 14 years! I was offered SUCH a good deal on this Bravada I couldn't pass it up. I'm SO glad I didn't! This is a beautiful vehicle inside and out. I am the second owner and it had 80,000 miles on it when I bought it. I have put 40,000 miles on it myself in one year and have only had minor issues. The rear wiper motor went about a week after I got it but the dealer was awesome and replaced it at no cost. The AC needs to be charged but that is to be expected. I did have to replace a headlight (VERY easy switch there!) and the right front wheel bearing but that is the only major issue I have had.

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