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This Car Rocks!

VintageMoon, 02/13/2009
GS 2dr Coupe
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Found one with very low miles in pristine condition and just had to have it. Much faster and handles way better than the older ones by leaps and bounds! Do not buy it unless you know for a fact when the timing belt was replaced. The book say replace at 60K and they are serious about that. Cost on replacing the belt and water pumps is like 1200.00 so add that to the price of car and drive it to a Nissan dealer that day! It will break even if you are driving like grandma (and you won't, TRUST)! If it breaks, it will destroy the engine!! Even if it breaks while trying to start the engine. It is easy to get 300K+ out of one if you do this! If not, you will pay!

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Fun to drive & catches a lot of eyes

Chris, 01/04/2006
Turbo 2dr Coupe
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The Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo, is a car that with a few modifations can real shock you with their power output. It comes stock with 300 hp, by adding after market turbos, turbo regulator, duel air intake & filters, and performance chip you will be able to outperform most sport cars on the road today. This will easily put you at over 400 hp. This will whip a new Corvette, BMW M3, Etc. When dealing with turbos power is so easy to gain, and you will gain so much more than in non turbo cars. If you want to spend money, because they can be expensive to maintain. I give this car an A, Thanks!

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Hands down most fun car EVER

OC60s300z, 10/11/2010
GS 2dr Coupe
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I've only had this car for about 4 months but this car handles and accelerates better than some V8 cars I've owned/driven. I bought it with it needing injectors. Since then, it is absolutely AWESOME! I have a '93 twin turbo Stealth R/T, & a '00 Mustang GT and even w/ the Z being a non-turbo, it'll whip BOTH their a$$es, feels like a more solid, quality built car & is a lot more fun to drive. Just beware of mashing the gas halfway into a corner- it likes to swap ends, & get "squirrely". It'll also turn the back tires into pollution pretty easily at stop lights. Even being 20 yrs old, the styling/design has held up really well. I was in love w/ these cars when i was in H.S. & still am.

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Love my Z

Whamel, 11/06/2002
GS 2dr Coupe
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If you do not have full maintenance records for it - WALK AWAY! I recently spent $4000 on engine repairs due to previous owner neglect. Count on regular expensive maint., running exclusively premium top grade fuel, and NEVER use gas treatments in this car or you will destroy the injectors. Prior to buying, call your local shop and ask them how much it would cost to replace the injectors, change the timing belt, and install a new radiator in a Z - expect to do all 3 at some point.

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Ultimate Sports Car

Paul P. C., 08/22/2002
Turbo 2dr Coupe
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Despite the car being 12 years old, it still looks very modern in styling. I still get a lot of looks from Motorists on the highway and I still can kick mustang, camaro & porche A$$ with just my stock Turbo engine that runs as smooth and powerful as if it had 20K miles on it. The paint is still shiney glossy, the body form is still sexy, even sexier thatn todays modern styles by far, the drive is Absolute fun and the handling is beyond real... This is THE sports car without the Mercedes/Porche namebrand...I am the envy of all my friends, the girls love it and their squeals match the powerful acceleration from my twin turbos. I Love it...

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